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Blended Online Communities of Practice to Sustain and Energise Teacher Professional Learning

Hi everyone

I'm not entirely sure this is in the right place so please let me know and I can change / remove.

I'm finishing the last part of my Masters and have focused on developing effective blended communities of practice to sustain the fantastic learning we engage in during contracts.  It can be hard to sustain and increase the learning once the contract is finished.  

I'm also really interested in the power of online communities, like the VLN, as a place where learning is created and any and all ideas count - no matter what your level of experience.  That's exciting.

As part of my research which has been approved by the University of Otago, I'd love it if you have time to complete an online survey about Teacher Professional Learning experiences.  The survey is completely anonymous.  The link is:


The link below is the information for participants for this research project - I'd love any feedback, comments on that too.

Online Communities of Practice Information for Participants


Thank you so much - in advance.



  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 04 Nov 2014 11:23am ()

    Hi Justine, this is a very exciting project for you - as well as the for the rest of us.

    We often talk about personalising learning for our students and now there's a growing reality about us driving our own PLD and being responsive to our own learning needs as educators. One example of this is event that happened last night @. If you missed it, there are archives to enjoy.

    Twitter screenshot

    This year we've captured a story around how Josie Woon has used the VLN/Enabling e-Learning groups to make a difference to her own learning as well as her students' learning and the learning of others. Very soon I'd like to publish a similar story about how one principal is tailoring the PLD in their primary school, so that the staff can access multiple forms of PLD via online communities of practice like this one. Watch this space >>>

    Feedback on Online Communities of Practice Information for Participants...Your research questions have really got me thinking... about ways I can support our own learning community here in Enabling e-Learning, as one of the online facilitators. 

    Research Aims:  The questions the research hopes to answer are:

    • What constitutes a well-designed community of practice?

    • What changes do we need to make to professional learning for teachers for it to make a difference in the classroom?

    • How do I facilitate the development and sustainability of an online community of practice to ensure that it is successful.


    So...any feedback about ways we can support this community more, would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks Justine smiley

    I'm also making sure I find some time to read, Online social networking and its impact on New Zealand educators’ professional learning (Melhuish, Karen Anne Vickery).


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