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Started by Steve Lydford 24 Oct 2014 3:17pm () Replies (2)

Hi all

Do you have the youtube enabled for y 4/6 children? It seems to be a part of drive so maybe it can't be blocked on the chromebooks anyway?


  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 24 Oct 2014 6:52pm ()

    I have had it blocked in the past on Chromebooks.  Using the google console or any other management/ dashboard type tool.  So yes you can do it.  But its so educational I think you need to keep it open.

    If students are 'wasting' their time on youtube, then perhaps ask them to create the learning activities, experiences, lessons.  

    To further answer blocking google apps like 'youtube', do you use a dashboard type tool?  It makes it easier, but if you log into your school GAFE domain as superadmin, then you can choose what apps are enabled for users.  So if you have students and staff separated into folders, then you can restrict youtube to the students, and leave staff to access youtube.

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