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Mind your PEP (Inquiry)

I am a Learning with Digital Technologies facilitator and as part of my role, my own personal inquiry is "how can digital technologies raise Pasifika achievement? Although this sounds broad, the idea behind it is looking for best practice on engaging, connecting and raising achievement with our Pasifika learners through the support of parents, families and communities. By no stretch of imagination am I an expert in this field, however, I am at a point of understanding why I need to do this to support and facilitate educators teaching our Pasifika learners and building relationships with Pasifika communities. In my role as a facilitator, I am always asking myself these 2 questions?

1. What's going on for the teachers working with Pasifika learners or PFCs (Pasifika parents, families and communities) ? 

2. How do I know?

The inquiry process I am using is the spiral of inquiry model by Helen Timperley,co. A framework for transforming learning in schools: Innovation and spiral of inquiry. I like it for many reasons but mainly it allows questions that recognises individual differences. For example just by scanning, one of the 7 principles of learning,

Recognising individual differences:

  • Do learners feel their teachers know their individual strengths, interests and passions?
  • Do they believe their teachers know and understand what they find difficult or challenging?
  • Are prior knowledge and cultural backgrounds that learners bring to the setting respected, valued and utilised?

This is a space to share inquires on how you are using the Pasifika Education Plan in your teaching practice, or any inquiry resources, links, ideas or ask questions. You could be using a different inquiry model and would like to share your successes or challenges / opportunities.

Although CEM says 12-1pm, it's think of it as island time, we run our life by when the sun sets and rises.  I would like this space to populate asynchronously. Also I would like to share with you lots of great resources, links, ideas and discussion threads from another VLN group called Teaching as Inquiry created by Mark Maddren. It's a fantastic space for many different resources shared and collaborated on.

As for this space, we will focus on Pasifika as Teaching as Inquiry.

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