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Working together to reimagine student agency

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Started by Tessa Gray 17 Oct 2014 2:31pm () Replies (1)

Connected educator month

As part of Connected Educator Month Enabling e-Learning hosted a LIVE webinar yesterday 16/10/2014) on, Working together to reimagine student agency. The focus of this webinar was to share ways (as educators) we can facilitate opportunities, enabled by digital technologies - that genuinely positions the learner at the heart of the learning.

Julie Lindsay started by sharing the Flat Connections project (she is the founder) – an opportunity where teachers and learners have the freedom to learn - regardless of historical hierarchies or previously thought 'teacher/learner' relationships.

The Flat Connections promotes a network, where student agency and independence is encouraged through Global connections, mentorship and collaboration. The focus is for secondary students to have a proactive hand in decision-making processes and where technologies enable the connectedness and sustainability of this learning to happen.

Flat Connections

The rest of Julies’ presentation unpacks how she has gone about helping to make this happen. You can view the details in the slideshow and webinar recording.

From secondary, to primary, Linda Ojala shared examples of how she provides multiple learning pathways for her students by designing learning opportunities that model the key principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Linda talked about the importance of knowing each learner and also about understanding how we learn. IE: links to neuroscience understanding what sparks attention, engagement and expression. 

Children at work

Linda shared examples of how technologies enable students to take ownership of their own learning, both at school and at home. You can also listen and take in more details from Linda’s presentation, in the webinar recording.

Tim Gander started his presentation with a joyous photo of his son’s first day at school. He shared how his beliefs about learning are constantly influenced by his own children and the students he teaches. What has sparked a particular interest for Tim, are the observations around ‘low agency’ realities in our educational system and the need for a move to more ‘higher agency’ for students.

Low and high agency

In his presentation, Tim shared how he sought feedback and feed-in from his students, through the use of tools, such as GAFE and Google +. Most striking was the way Tim has used these e-tools to scaffold and support student-centred ownership, co-construction and assessment of learning, or in his words, 'hacking the curriculum'. To do Tim’s story justice, would be to listen to Tim yourself, in the webinar recording.

What speaks to you most in these 3 stories?

Anything inspire you in particular in your own learning contexts?

What are the challenges and opportunities for primary and secondary students, as we aim to encourage ownership, autonomy and student agency?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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