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Locked iPad storage

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Started by MrsBee 16 Oct 2014 12:14pm () Replies (8)

Hi does anyone have any examples of locked ipad storage solutions for classes to be able to lock away and charge 5 ipads each night. Ideally I can attach the boxes to a fixed surface too. Need to be secuirty conscious and I dont want to have them being returned to a central place each day.



  • redbeard45 (View all users posts) 16 Oct 2014 1:01pm ()

    Only thing I would add is I canʻt recommend the PC Loks trolleys from OZ. There are quite expensive and while very secure, they take a lot to set up, the charging / synching cables they supply are very poor quality, and unless you train the children well, the cables get ʻchompedʻ when the children return the ʻbasketʻs of iPads (8 in each). And then the cables are a pain to replace.

    Iʻve just made carts out of plastic ʻfish binsʻ from Mitre 10 Bunnings with bits of dowel and scrap mdf. Depending on how many in a bin, a power board or two can be attached and they can be locked away in cupboards. Weʻve been naughty and cut holes through the sides of the cupboard to allow charging. 

    I can send photos if you contact me off list.

    Hope this helps

  • marglnz (View all users posts) 16 Oct 2014 1:15pm ()

    Hi, I got a cupboard that was able to be locked. This houses my ipads which sit on old wire dish Racks.  We have pot power boards indie and have screwed them in with a small hole at the back to the power point. The cupboard I found in excess Property at school .. A solid one. 

  • Steve (View all users posts) 16 Oct 2014 1:21pm ()

    Kia Ora

    We use Griffen Multi docks which can hold 10 ipads at a time. It has a lockable arm however i just store the doc in a lockable cupboard which is easier. They are a little pricey at $700 but we secured a good deal for a worth while discount. 

  • Mike Allen (View all users posts) 16 Oct 2014 1:46pm ()

    I worked with Joe Loy on a lockable box that recharges iPads. Joe has set up a business selling them. He's up to a very solid and secure version that can incorporate pportability if you want it. He can also modify to order. At present there are no photos available on his website as development is just complete.

    We do the syncing wirelessly.

    You could contact him on joe@envisio.nz, or have a quick look at the incomplete site www.envisio.nz and contact him through there. worth a look. We have 8 of his boxes as we went through the development phase with him.

  • Sarah Parker (View all users posts) 16 Oct 2014 3:36pm ()

    Hi ya,

    I went to Bunnings and bought 3 x 12 powerboxes.  Have drilled big holes into an old disused cabinet, bottom shelf I filled with heavy books so it's hard to move.  2nd big hole into a cupboard that was already in my room and used the top shelf of my teaching pod [which already had a gap big enough for cables] for the third storage space.  Have had locks fitted to the cupboards - total cost for storing 30 iPads, around $100.

  • Innes Kennard (View all users posts) 16 Oct 2014 7:56pm ()

    Totally agree with Sarah and Marginz - if you have the right cases, that leave space around each ipad (you are pouring power into batteries) just stack them up, plug them in then lock the cupboard/s. If you have the 'tight' flat cases then use slots in the cupboard or in the bin (redbeard45). 

  • belindacowie (View all users posts) 16 Oct 2014 8:13pm ()

    At our school every class has a rack (made of wood) so the ipads slide into
    their own slot.  Each rack holds 7 iPads.  This is screwed into a
    cupboard.  There is a hole in the cupboard so and multi-point extension
    cord can be place inside and reaches to the plug.  All ipads and can be
    charged at once.  The cupboards all have a lock on them and it is an
    expectation that the ipads are locked away at all breaks, after school and
    before school.  This system works well for us.

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