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Money week 13 Oct - 19 Oct !

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Started by Vanitha Govini 11 Oct 2014 1:44pm () Replies (1)
Discussion topic Started by Janine Mackay 10 Oct 2014 3:48pm on Financial capability VLN group /groups/profile/890918/financial-capability

Money Week takes place this year between Monday 13 October and Sunday 19 October. By participating in Money Week, students have the chance to be future focussed learners, developing financial capability and key competencies. Money Week isn’t just about numeracy. Money Week provides the opportunity to integrate numeracy with other learning areas, such as literacy, social sciences, learning languages, and the arts. It also offers the chance to engage parents, whānau, and local businesses with learning experiences and conversations.


How are you planning to celebrate Money week? How can we empower our students to be financially capable? 

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