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New publication - Inclusive practice for secondary schools; ideas for school leaders

Inclusive practice for secondary schools thumbnail The Inclusive practice for secondary schools; ideas for school leaders guide has been published and copies are being posted to principals of secondary schools during October 2014.

This resource was informed by visits to 23 secondary schools last year to understand how they worked to include all students. The schools were asked about what was working well, the barriers being faced and actions being taken to accelerate or embed change.

It offers ideas to support school leaders in understanding the needs of their learners and what their school can do to ensure all students are fully included; present, participating and achieving.

Each school will recieve three copies - one for the leadership team, one for the additional learning support coordination team and a third to share with the Board of Trustees.

You can download a PDF version of the Inclusive practice in secondary schools; ideas for school leaders publication (PDF, 522Kb) from the Ministry of Education website.

Ask your principal if they have received their copies yet and if more copies are required ask your local RTLB or download the pdf version. Further print copies will be made available by order from Down the Back of the Chair (the Ministry's catalogue).

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Secondary Learning Support Coordinators

Secondary Learning Support Coordinators

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