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Help with oral language strategies and digital tools

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Started by Janet McQueen 16 Sep 2014 3:25pm () Replies (3)

I am interested in how we best support oral language development partriculalry for English language learners and students who arrive at school below where we expect them to be functionaing at in oral language.  How can we quickly develop their oral language skills? I have made some suggestions in my blogpost which you can read - key instuctional ideas for supporting oral language developemnt .

Now I am interested in learning about oral language strategies you have found to be particulalry sucessful. Also any digital tools/apps that you have found helpful. i would also love to hear how you use them in the classroom.

Pease share your suggestions. 


Janet McQueen 




  • David Zehms (View all users posts) 23 Sep 2014 1:01pm ()

    I have two students in year 4/5 that struggle with speaking.  I have used  the app Educreations with them.  They have produced a few multi page stories complete with handwriting, text writing, photos, etc and have then recorded dialogue over it.  Some of their recordings show real emotion and slowly improving pronunciation.  I am also going to trial the app Dragon Dictation with them.  It transcribes what they say.  I think it will show them and me how their pronunciation improves over time - a real good record of their growth.

    Cheers, David

  • Janet McQueen (View all users posts) 23 Sep 2014 1:56pm ()

    Hi David

    Thank you for sharing how you use these apps because I am not in a classroom situation I don't get the excitement of  trying out digital tools on students. However as teachers I think it is important that we explore and try new things especially in the digital world which has so much potential to assist in language teaching. So please keep experimenting and sharing what works for you as I know other teachers will be interested. 
    Recording students is so easy and something which we are encouraged to do in order to track progress. This then makes deciding where a student is at on the English Language Learning Progressions much easier. Students can hear themselves and 'notice' their own language more which leads to error-correction. I know several teachers who find voice thread works well for them. They often set up voice thread oral language homework for them to complete. 
    Kind regards

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