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Teaching kids typing skills??

Started by Tash Jacobs 16 Sep 2014 9:11am () Replies (47)

A collegue and I were chatting recently about the debate over need to teach our students handwriting in this new fast changing digital world.  We ended up pondering and debating over the question..

Should we be teaching our students to touch type from an early age?

Since this discussion I have watched several older students typing away somewhat inefficiently with their two finger styles (which are now so embedded as to be hard to change).  

We would be really interested to know what others are thinking and doing around this topic.


  • Pauline Moore (View all users posts) 16 Sep 2014 9:54am ()

    I have taught many students in high schools to touch type and, despite giving up valuable curriculum time to the project, failed to teach even more!  I had a much higher rate of take up with adult students because they could see the benefits in terms of gaining employment skills.  It takes perseverance, commitment and practise to give up "hunt and peck" style and most youngsters can't see the point when they think they are already fast on the keyboard. I used to challenge classes to a typing "dual", win every time and that convinced some it was worth sticking with it!   I concluded a "just in time" approach was best - let students (of any age) know there are excellent on line programs they can access in "downtime" or at home that will allow them to improve their keying in speed and efficiency when and if they are ready to improve.

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