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Strategic Planning in Health and PE

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Started by LEAST 14 Sep 2014 1:06pm () Replies (4)

Recently our school sought community consultation on our health and pe programme. I am now looking to plot these results against the required/desired NZC LO's at each curriculume level. I need to awaken staff and the community with the reality that skills and progressive knowledge are as important in this curriculum area as any other.

Has anyone else had to pull together their curriculum area in this way or have any brilliant formulas to share?


  • Karen Hughes (View all users posts) 14 Sep 2014 4:27pm ()

    I am very interested in following this thread as I believe we have reached a point in our journey where we also need to consult our community.  I would be interested to know what kinds of questions you asked your community and how much engagement you actually got.  I find that getting the community on board can be a real challenge, especially that cross section ie those who are always involved versus those you don't see very often.  We have been having interesting discussions regarding events like cross country and production and how they fit within the new curriculum and 21st century pedagogies.  

  • LEAST (View all users posts) 17 Sep 2014 8:03am ()

    Hi Karen, we had about a 33% return despite a parent and wider community meeting and sending the consultation via the community newsletter.

    Questions asked were around how important they saw sport or skill develop ment, EOTC, Camps, Outisde agencies ie. LET, KOS, opportunities to experience technical training from agencies ie. sport waikato. project energize, Sexuality education, Drugs and alcohol education and cybersafety.

    Responses were interesting but i would suggest that you maybe have this consultation separately as we incorporated with 3 others and may have  been over load.

    Thanks Meryl for the guidance and looks like lots to consider.

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