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Book Group #1: Key Competencies for the Future, with NZCER | from 3rd October

Started by Karen Spencer 14 Sep 2014 12:48pm () Replies (36)

NZCER Key CompetenciesWe are delighted that NZCER will be hosting the first NZ Book Group in Connected Educator Month this year.

The new publication, Key Competencies for the Future, will be spotlighted through webinars and online discussions. This is a wonderful opportunity for educators across New Zealand and beyond to come together online to talk to the authors and explore the themes in the book. Join Sally Boyd, Rose Hipkins, Rachel Bolstad and Sue McDowall as they share their thoughts on this popular new publication.

Recordings from the Book Group


Meanwhile, check out this video in which the authors, Sally Boyd, Rose Hipkins, Rachel Bolstad and Sue McDowall, talk about what some of their values are and how these values helped frame the discussions in their new book:



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  • Kerri Thompson (View all users posts) 05 Oct 2014 8:06pm ()

    Hi Book Group. My name is Kerri and I am very interested in the discussion about this book. I did have some conversation this morning on Twitter with you Rachel and Reid and appreciate you answering my questions. 

    What you say above Rachel struck a chord .. that 'as learners we're always TOLD that what we learn will be useful for us in the future'... whenever I am discussing Learning Intentions with my students, this is what the students TELL me when I ask the question 'why' are we learning this?' I then ask them to elaborate and tell me HOW it will help them in the future.

    Anyway... I think the best place for me to start will be to ask my students "who decides what you learn in school?" or something along those lines (what you suggested via Twitter this morning). I will see where this takes us! I am looking forward to the discussion AND QUESTIONS which arise from this. I will hopefully find the whole thing becomes organic and develops on its own!

    I will keep the group informed on what happens!

  • Kerri Thompson (View all users posts) 24 Oct 2014 2:25pm ()

    Hi everyone in this conversation. I have just finished watching the recording of the 'wrap up' webinar which I was gutted to miss (softball duties on a Thursday afternoon). As I watched .. so many questions came up!

    Loved listening to Danielle and Reid with their 'at the coal face' contributions...just brilliant.

    From some of the discussion above it is clear that although many of us are keen to 'get started'... the dilemma is how? where? what? Danielle and Reid provided me with some kind of answers. Thanks so much the two of you.

    So.. the key things to come out of the discussion for me were.. 

    • Key Competencies can be woven into our learning experiences. I agree that we should not start trying to 'measure' them...too much measuring loses focus on the actual learning and starts putting students into boxes.
    • Reflective thinking is at the heart of ALL competencies. I was pleased to hear this as it confirmed for me WHY I spend so much time on reflection...at start of lessons, during lessons, end of lessons, end of week, sometimes through platforms like Twitter, #kidsedchatnz, Kidblogs, Edmodo, #tamatealitchat (our own school Literacy chat which I started and host!) at other times through Learning Journals.
    • The 'pesky question' around assessment which keeps coming up was answered for me succinctly 'Bring assessment into the learning experience'. I actually do this when I think about how I teach/assess Literacy.
    • We need to open pedagogy so it 'allows different perspectives'. We need to provide opportunities which can 'create different perspectives' which the students can then use to 'create something new'. 

    The webinar concluded with ONE piece of advice from Danielle and Reid.

    Danielle: "Start with Design Thinking"

    Reid: "We don't need to start with 'lofty' ideas...they can be small, manageable, school-focused problems which are relevant to the kids" to get started on.

    With that reflection done... it now comes to MY questions and ideas of how I might tackle this during the last few weeks of the school year.

    We have had programmed into Week 5/6 a Water Safety Study. I have been thinking how I can 'turn this into' more of a 'wicked problem' than a Topic study type thing which my colleagues are doing.

    Some help or guidance with my ideas would be appreciated. I am thinking I could put it to the kids..

    We are having a focus on Water Safety ...why do you think we are focusing on this? Is this an important topic for us/you to focus on? Why is this an important topic for us/you? How does 'water safety' relate to you personally? Would a trip to the beach be appropriate as part of this study? Why would a trip to the beach be part of this study? What might we do/learn at the beach which relates to 'water safety'? (Hopefully questions arise about other 'water' places like rivers/lakes/pools etc which kids can follow-up too).

    Am I right in thinking that if we can discuss some of these questions (and others that the students come up with through the discussion)...the 'wicked problem' of drownings at our beaches would hopefully come up and that from here...'away we go'!!! with the kids initiated question being... How do we reduce/stop drownings around water in New Zealand?

    Any feedback on my idea would be great. Thank you for providing this platform for discussion...invaluable!

    Kerri Thompson


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