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Book Group #1: Key Competencies for the Future, with NZCER | from 3rd October

Started by Karen Spencer 14 Sep 2014 12:48pm () Replies (36)

NZCER Key CompetenciesWe are delighted that NZCER will be hosting the first NZ Book Group in Connected Educator Month this year.

The new publication, Key Competencies for the Future, will be spotlighted through webinars and online discussions. This is a wonderful opportunity for educators across New Zealand and beyond to come together online to talk to the authors and explore the themes in the book. Join Sally Boyd, Rose Hipkins, Rachel Bolstad and Sue McDowall as they share their thoughts on this popular new publication.

Recordings from the Book Group


Meanwhile, check out this video in which the authors, Sally Boyd, Rose Hipkins, Rachel Bolstad and Sue McDowall, talk about what some of their values are and how these values helped frame the discussions in their new book:



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  • Janet McQueen (View all users posts) 13 Oct 2014 4:38pm ()

    I am also enjoying these conversations and have just listened to the webinar as I missed it in real time. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of your book. However I love the concept of 'wicked problems' as they sound very similar to the 'global' themes and transformational teaching that I was encouraged to use in a 'Critical Literecy' course that I studied at Auckland University about 6-7 years ago. One benefit of using such themes is that they are very inclusive. All students have knowledge that they can contribute and bring to the classroom conversation. This is very important as our classrooms become more diverse in their composition.

    I was just beginning to explore and grapple with how I do this as a classroom teacher when I moved out of the classrrom. I know that as an individual teacher grappling on her own that this was difficult to get my head around. I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the change and the huge possibilities that it opened up. I wanted to change everything at once yet knew that my colleagues weren't ready to follow. It came down to what can I do in my individual classroom and taking small steps to begin the process. Letting the students led the learning and in the process encouraging them to transform their own community /world was a huge challenging but so exciting. It was a shame I wasn't around longer to see where we ended up. I think it would be much easier if my school leadership was on board and the process was something that  the whole staff was involved in.  

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