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Benefits of hosting email with Google

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Started by Johan Schnetler 04 Sep 2014 6:29pm () Replies (10)


Can anyone tell me the benefits of hosting our school's email with Google. We are a GAFE school but have been hosting our email at school.





  • Shona Poppe (View all users posts) 04 Sep 2014 7:17pm ()

    Hi Johan,

    We were having trouble with our emails on an aging Linux box a couple of years ago. We decided not to rehost the emails on site and moved to GAFE. We have never looked back. Its easy to initially upload, administer (I have the iPad app) and if Google ever went down, there would be bigger fish than us having something to say.

    It is really easy to set up the google account on any device and as long as you make them IMAP accounts, they will sync between devices.



  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 04 Sep 2014 7:36pm ()

    You wont notice much difference... other than less cost.  free Vs. $29 /month (estimating your bill)  It will depend on your connection and traffic, but for the majority of your emails you wont notice any speed change.  Just a lot easier to manage email accounts.

    Google have 4 DNS, and 4 DNS backups in sydney that we work through.  

    (yes thats right, all of our information is actually stored in Sydney Australia)


    ns1.google.com (

    The chances are very slim that all 4 servers go down at the same time.

    Like Shona said, make sure IMAP is selected.  That way you wont be downloading the emails, you'll be accessing and reading straight off the google server.  

  • Johan Schnetler (View all users posts) 04 Sep 2014 7:37pm ()

    Great, thanks Shona & Hamish. Good to know :-)

  • Hēmi Waerea (View all users posts) 04 Sep 2014 8:32pm ()

    Kia ora John,

    All the schools I have worked with to migrate to G-Mail have felt liberated. Enabling those schools who have had to 'stay on school site' to access files and emails the opportunity to work from anywhere anytime. In addition more collaboration via google docs, calendar etc. Enabling them to work via cloud a-synchronously and synchronously. 

    I have helped small business migrate also and the same has experience for them but moreso that ability to work from anywhere etc. 

    Syncs perfectly across devices.

    Education account is free. As mentioned in other replies you may experience a slight rise in internet use but other than that all has been great. 

  • Robyn Wood (View all users posts) 05 Sep 2014 8:28am ()

    Hi Johan

    We've been on gmail for the past year.  The biggest benefit we see is the ubiquity of using this service - i.e. you can access it from anywhere without having to go through a school server. Also it means that we no longer need a massive server - so is fiscally beneficial too.


  • Scott Noakes (View all users posts) 05 Sep 2014 8:34am ()

    Hi Johan,

    One benefit we see of schools using Google Gmail is the benefit of no longer having to have a local directory server to manage user network/wifi access authentication when they're using the Linewize service.

    Students at Thorrington Primary School here in Christchurch are able to use their Google account and password to login to the network, and then Teachers can manage their internet access according to the groups they belong to. This seems to provide a really elegant solution with the same login for both GAFE and network access.

    Thorrington also use this to gain complete visibility over individual student browsing history to better address inappropriate internet use and understand how the students are using the network with their BYOD devices.

    Cheers Scott.

  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 05 Sep 2014 8:48am ()

    The cloud server has benefits, too, in case of a major disaster - as in the Canterbury earthquakes four years ago. So many schools and businesses lost access to their servers for some time. But access from the cloud was a relief.

  • Lavinia Robyns (View all users posts) 05 Sep 2014 9:05am ()

    We switched to gmail in April this year - smooth transition. The only real 'hands on' I had to do was make sure teachers had added gmail account to iPad.  Also we had a few adjustments with our photocopiers so we can scan and email directly from them too.  We got rid of our virtual exchange server - which means one less server to service!  Highly recommend moving to gmail - access anytime anywhere, easy search function... wouldn't go back.

  • Robyn McDougall-Winchester (View all users posts) 05 Sep 2014 9:09am ()

    Moring fellow group members,

    We switched from outlook to GMail last year as part of our E-learning Journey. We now collaborate all work on Google, using calendar, etc and daili communications. It has the big advantae that it can be sourced anywhere ( overseas on holiday lol), and is very easy to use once you know how. Also any older email address can be linked so you still received all mail.  The abillty to sync with all devices is an added bonus. Our Senior school Y5 to 8, and some y4 students all have a google accounst and are learning how to communicate with each other, co-construct documents and nothing is ever lost or not saved unless they delete in themselves.  E-tap is our school managament system and they are currently looking inot linking Googel to suport etap as well. We as a school and learners haven't looked back- once we jumped a few hurdles.

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