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Technology to Engage Māori Students

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Started by Janelle Riki 01 Sep 2014 11:02am () Replies (6)

Kia ora koutou,

My name is Janelle Riki and I am a Learning with Digital Technolgies Facilitator in the South Island.  One of my secondary school's is interested in integrating topics into their technology curriculum that will engage and inspire Māoei students.  I am wondering if anyone in this group can help with some ideas please.


  • Wendy Ritson (View all users posts) 04 Sep 2014 10:25pm ()

    Kia ora Janelle, I teach year 7/8 and next year I'm planning on doing a unit on making Maaori wind instruments. Koauau and possibly pūtōrino . The Koauau is the easiest to make and the kids can use the engravers and hot poker machine to decorate the surface if they are keen.

  • Janelle Riki (View all users posts) 05 Sep 2014 9:28am ()

    Kia ora Wendy, that sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  • Jason Ruakere (View all users posts) 05 Sep 2014 10:51am ()

    Kia ora Janelle,

    An activity I introduced with a group of boys I'm working with at Coastal Taranaki School is to construct a hinaki from natural materials. The boys conducted research about hinaki that were made by our tipuna. We had a brainstorming session about materials and the structure. They created a design using the ipad. Then we collected supple jack and vines from the bush and harakeke at the marae. The next stage involved constucting the tinana of the hinaki and then adding a net at the entrance. We added fresh bait and trialled it in the river overnight. The next morning we discovered that the tuna had entered the hinaki eaten the bait and escaped. At some point we will rebuild our hinaki and have another go. Despite not catching any tuna the boys enjoyed the process involved in thinking, designing and building a hinaki from materials found in the environment. I've never built a hinaki before so it was an awesome experience. Whānau also helped out and it was based at our marae near the school. I think this would be a great activity in Te Waipounamu. You have delicious tuna down there. Perhaps have a chat to someone down there about this, run a wānanga etc.  

  • Janelle Riki (View all users posts) 05 Sep 2014 11:50am ()

    Kia ora Jason,

    Ngā mihi nui ki a koe e hoa mo ngā whakaaro miharo!  Thanks so much for sharing this great idea. 

  • Baydon Harris (View all users posts) 12 Sep 2014 3:48pm ()

    Hi Janelle, welcome to the TENZ vln page.

    Regarding your question about ideas to engage Maori students. I have had an experience with our local musuem where the education liasion person delivered a programme that they have set up (Otago Musuem, Kim Beckett) . There is an exhibition of maori artifects which we were shown around. This was such a rich resource and could be very engaging for students. We discussed how the resources and technology have changed through the ages. It was an amazing experience showcasing how tools, fishing hooks, etc were developed using the technology available at the time.

    I think if you are able to get your students out into the community discussing technology it makes it a real context for them. Those connections are very important for engagement.

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