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FORUM: Home-school partnerships to get parents/whānau to contribute to curriculum development | An Enabling e-Learning event

connectionNew Zealand schools have always been and continue to be a central part of our communities. They are governed by a Board of Trustees made up primarily of parents within the school community. The communities in which our schools are situated help establish the culture and make-up of the school. It is important therefore for schools to connect and consult with parents, whānau and the wider community when designing and developing their school curriculum.

Curriculum review and development

One area in which home-school partnerships are necessary is in that of curriculum design and review. Curriculum development within schools is, and should be, an ongoing, iterative process. New understandings develop through societal changes and advances in technology among other things causing changes in the needs of our communities and students and therefore the curriculum of our schools.

The New Zealand Curriculum states:

Curriculum design and review is a continuous, cyclic process. It involves making decisions about how to give effect to the national curriculum in ways that best address the particular needs, interests, and circumstances of the school’s students and community. [emphasis added]

Developing positive connections between school and home/parents/whānau and the wider community is an important aspect towards consultation around the design and review of the school curriculum.


This video describes the outcomes at Matakohe School when they consulted with the community over curriculum design and development.

The e-Learning Planning Framework (eLPF) helps schools to determine their e-learning capability. It is beneficial to work through the eLPF at the early stages of curriculum review to ensure the design of the curriculum reflects where your school is heading in relation to the phases on the framework.

Enabling e-Learning looks at school curriculum review from an e-Learning perspective on the page Reviewing your school curriculum. The content found on this page should be used in conjunction with the e-Learning Planning Framework.
This brand new New Zealand Curriculum Online resource on Reviewing your curriculum provides access to information, research, tools, suggested areas of focus, and inspirational stories to support schools in the process of curriculum design and review.

Engaging with the community through digital technologies

One way we can engage with the community is through the use of digital technologies. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter give us the opportunity to connect quickly and easily with the community on relevant topics whether it be a reminder about next weeks athletics day, sending out the school newsletter or giving updates on an emergency event that has been or is occurring.


In this video Jane Danielson explains how her school is using digital technologies to connect with the community.

For more stories of how schools are engaging with their communities through social media go to Using social media to engage with the community.


Join the discussion:

  • How have you used the e-Learning Planning Framework (eLPF) to help establish a starting point for school curriculum review?

  • Have you connected with your community about designing your school curriculum? Share your experiences/stories. What has/hasn’t worked?

  • How have you engaged with parents/whānau/community using technology as part of your curriculum design?

  • How have you and/or your school used digital technologies to foster positive relationships with your community in order to provide them with a forum to feed in to curriculum review?

Join this group to contribute to discussions.

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