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Using gdocs on tablets

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Started by Tania Chapman 27 Aug 2014 6:23pm () Replies (6)

Our school has just purchased Samsung tablets and they do not have Microsoft word loaded. We have been using gdocs but I am finding the tool bar very limited and it does not the same range of tools which Microsoft word offers. I am wanting my year 7 an 8 kids to publish work on the tablets but want it to look good too. Any suggestions on what I can do?  Thanks Tania Chapman


  • merryl (View all users posts) 27 Aug 2014 6:37pm ()

    Hi there


    How are you wanting to share the finished published piece?

    Really, it comes down to how you will share your work once it is published. We have gone away from publishing to sharing. We use google docs like our exercise books. You can see the revisions students make in the revison mode.  We use Google Apps for Education and are really enjoying the collaborative and sharing features of google docs.

    Students share with me, their peers and even their families for feedback, questions and suggestions. If they want to share further they may take this and work on it further and publish on their blog for a much wider audience. Other apps can be used to share their writing in other forms. Movenote on chrome books is good. Explain everything....

    Different ways of sharing and publishing.

    Some ideas,


  • Tania Chapman (View all users posts) 27 Aug 2014 10:26pm ()

    i want the children to be able to use word to publish there work and then print out for wall display. Thanks for your ideas on sharing rather than publishing, its an interesting way to look at it.

    Thanks again


  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 27 Aug 2014 11:15pm ()

    If a child shares a doc to the wall of the classroom it's maximum number of readers could well be no more than thirty, if that many.

    If a child shares a doc to a web space like a blog or Google site the potential number of readers is huge.

    Can we encourage you to try publishing to a digital space.

    Use the power of collaboration and sharing that is Google and forego the printing out of stories for the wall.

    Thinking of how much photocopying you will save as well.


    300,000 page views

  • Annemarie Hyde (View all users posts) 27 Aug 2014 11:30pm ()

    I agree with these ladies. Look up the SAMR model - http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2013/06/samr-model-explained-for-teachers.html

    There is so much potential for realising the vision and principles of the NZ Curriculum through collaboration and connection with others.

  • Tania Chapman (View all users posts) 28 Aug 2014 8:12pm ()

    Thanks for your comments , all food for thought

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