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Chromebooks and Management of devices

Started by Robyn Wood 27 Aug 2014 11:16am () Replies (8)


We are looking to purchase some Chromebooks and have a question.  Is it worth purchasing the Google Apps Management Console Management?  If so what are the benefits?  Thanks heaps Smile


  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 27 Aug 2014 3:06pm ()

    Hi Robyn,

    We have about 200 devices in a 1:1 from year 5-8.  Half are generation 3 samsung chromebooks.  I have looked at the consol, but we didn't end up going with it.  

    It also depends if you have a variety of needs.  For a primary school with only 4 years difference we wouldn't have a lot of use for it.  We use doc's, extentions that are used across the whole year levels, and apps again are very similar, and students have the choice what they want to use.      I could see it being bennificial at high school, or perhaps vastly differing needs across groups. 

    Perhaps if we had more...   Like 250-300 units, but then again.. $50 NZD (inc GST) per unit, would be another $13,000, this a one off cost... but still.  ouch!  Hope that helps a little Robyn.

  • Robyn Wood (View all users posts) 27 Aug 2014 4:39pm ()

    Thanks Hamish - that is really helpful as we are only looking at purchasing 100. 

  • Rob Gunn (View all users posts) 27 Aug 2014 9:10pm ()

    Hi Robyn,

    We use Chrome Management for our devices. We have a growing environment aiming to be around 150. We have found that it provides a range of management tools from managing wireless access and setting changes, preloaded apps and extensions, through to black listing of sites, deleting of history settings and setting up of cloud printers.

    We also like the added 'security' through locking them to your domain. When you enrol the device it connects to your domain. If it goes missing and the person cannot login with their personal gmail account. If they powerwash it still remains unusable because it remains connected to your domain. For this to stop your site admin has to unenroll it.

    We are still learning all the benefits and still have things to learn but so far have found it quite useful. 

    For our school devices we purchased them. For the students it is part of the package we offer parents.

    Hopefully this makes sense :)

  • Robyn Wood (View all users posts) 27 Aug 2014 9:18pm ()

    Hi Rob - really appreciate your insight and yes it does make sense Smile

  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 28 Aug 2014 4:42pm ()


    Does your school own these devices, or are the BYOD?

    Our school doesnt own any chromebooks, they are purchased though a trust that has been setup, and are owned by the students.  In saying that, I am able to monitor everything 

    We use Hapara, (Teacher Dashboard) and through this organise classes, groups, shared folders (who has access and at what level)  This also links to our server through 'active directory' as well as our watchguard filter system.  (not currently working with N4L) We are also able to see student screens inr real time.

    Hapara works out at $3 per student for us.  Which is a cheaper option.   

  • mrs totoro (View all users posts) 28 Aug 2014 8:46am ()

    Hi everyone

    Has anyone tried Doctopus???  I found up to date Google app tutorial videos on this site.  They're very concise and a possible resource for students also.

    Riripeti Totoro

  • Rob Gunn (View all users posts) 03 Sep 2014 8:42pm ()

    Hi Hamish,


    Currently the devices that are managed we as a school own them. We are integrating a 1:1 programme focussed on chromebooks as the tool that paretns purchase independently through local suppliers at the moment.

    We also use TD to manage student files and folders, sharing etc. This currentlu costs us $3 per child. We were of the understadning that additional remote features related to TD came at extra cost.

    The chrome management largely allows you to manage the device itself as opposed to the account. TO us this means we can lock the device down to our domain and restrict user access even if powerwashed. It also means we can restrict apps and extensions used by students limiting the conflicts that can be found by adding a wide range of apps and extensions. 

    For us it has meant that any network changes relating to wifi, printing, and blocking of sites we have been able to manage in bulk.

    Google admin and TD allows you to administer the account, and with added remote features of TD allowing you to view student screens and message etc. This is beneficial and we will be using the full support from next year as our devices increase. 

    Our AD links to our google accounts but we are progressively moving towards using google admin for all account management relating to our 1:1 environment. 

    Currently our opinion is that both systems offer a wide range of benefits across the whole platform from device to account. Depending on your needs the cheeper option is by far TD for interacting with accounts and with the onscreen chromebook and chrome browser.

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