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Learner = Driver & Digital Technologies = Vehicle

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Started by Hamish McLean 26 Aug 2014 7:23pm () Replies (18)

In the "Digital Literacy Progressions" thread we got off topic, but had some good discussions.  So created this topic to let us discuss how to enable eLearning pedagogy in schools to, how to move forward dropping off irrelevant education content....  Digital Educational Philosophy...


  • Janet McCarroll (View all users posts) 27 Aug 2014 8:40pm ()

    Wow Hamish,

    I love the idea that you undertake your PLD during school hours, visible to the students, who then witness their teachers as co learners. I love it!  

    Ive always wanted to invite our parents to our 'Horizon hours' or whole staff PLD. 

    If we educate our parents to levels of understanding, that we know they can be true partners in the learning process, or equal stakeholders, there must be merit in this idea? I understand that inviting parents to all PLD sessions would not always be appropriarte, however, some generic PLD sessions, where we are looking to advance student learning outcomes through conceptual shift, e.g. examining a 'growth mind set as compared to a 'fixed mindset', must be advantageous to both parents and teachers in improving student learning.




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