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Learner = Driver & Digital Technologies = Vehicle

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Started by Hamish McLean 26 Aug 2014 7:23pm () Replies (18)

In the "Digital Literacy Progressions" thread we got off topic, but had some good discussions.  So created this topic to let us discuss how to enable eLearning pedagogy in schools to, how to move forward dropping off irrelevant education content....  Digital Educational Philosophy...


  • Nathaniel Louwrens (View all users posts) 27 Aug 2014 11:56am ()

    Thanks for moving this discussion, Hamish. I too thought about doing that yesterday, but you put action to the thought!

    Great questions too!

    I think that a lot of the issues we have with parents (and perhaps a number of teachers too) is exactly what you've said. Firstly, the traditional is how they were taught. It worked fine for them then, so why would we want to do things are different way? Secondly (and this is perhaps more focused on the teacher) is the whole "what I've done for the last 20 years has and is working fine... my students are achieving. Why do I need to change?"

    I think sometimes, when it comes to school, we/parents do tend to look back on how school was for them because that's what they know. That makes sense to them. Perhaps what is forgotten is how much time they spent using a computer or other digital device in the past week and quite possibly how little time they had a pen/pencil in their hand!

    Do parents need to be reminded that it's not just office workers that use these tools now. Plumbers, builders etc are (and have been for some time now) taking photos with their phones of problems and sending them to colleagues for discussion etc of how to best proceed. Been to the dentist lately? The technology that is used there is amazing compared to even just a few years ago!

    I think as we continue down the teaching and learning with digital technology route, we are going to make mistakes, as Chris mentioned, and we might find that devices that we had one year are not going to be the best for us 2 years down the track. That's just a part of living in the 21st century at the moment. Change is happening constantly around us. Parents I believe are aware of this, but perhaps need reminding that schools also need to keep up with this change and preferably stay one step ahead for the benefit of our students.

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