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chromebook issues -eeek

Kia ora all, 

We have just intergrated 40 HP chromebooks into our year 8-10 classes. Yipee and Loving them.

However, we are now looking for a compatabile extension for .aif file for a listening activity thru OTEL -Te Kura -ā- Tuhi ( corrspondence school ) for a course our students are enrolled in... when I contacted their helpdesk what they suggested was for a windows platform - they were not interested in supporting Chrome and or a chromebook user option! 

So VLN here I am asking for HELP please. 

Also, we have rolled out the extension for macrons for Te Reo Maori,  however, once enabled,  the keyboard is not responsive.

For those users of the macron for Te Reo Maori  is there something else we need to do??? Looking forward to some useful tips...


Ngā Mihi in advance - Kararaina 


  • Dave Winter (View all users posts) 26 Aug 2014 1:04pm ()

    Hi there Kararaina 

    This is a bit of a work around but works for me.  You can get a chrome app called twited wave. It is really designed for audio editing but will play the aif files. It should be found here. 

    1.  install twisted wave
    2. download aiff
    3. choose open with twistedwave
    4. hit play


    As said this is a work around but it works.

  • Sheryl Nagels (View all users posts) 28 Oct 2014 11:30am ()

    Hi Kararaina

    I see you are using HP Chromebooks - what do you think of them? We were going to go that way but Acer seems to be the preferred Chromebook with many? And info greatly appreciated.

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