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Chromebook mousepad/trackerpad is frozen

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Started by MeganCroll1 25 Aug 2014 3:32pm () Replies (6)

Some little craft soul has been playing around with the settings on one of our Acer chromebooks.   Does anyone know how to 'unfreeze' the mousepad/trackerpad on an Acer C720?    There is no cursor on the screen and I'm unsure of the shortcut to bring it back.   


  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 25 Aug 2014 4:22pm ()

    Hi Megan,

    I'm not aware of any 'disable' shortcuts... Didn't know enable/disable trackpad was a feature on the 720 either. 

    Here is a list of shortcuts for chromebook. LINK (generic chromebooks)

    - Unfortunately the one you are after isn't among them, so what I would suggest is going into chrome settings/advanced/ select 'power wash' or factory reset.  See if that fixes it.  If not, then it must be a key combination that will enable it again.  Let me know how you get on, as I can give you an acer contact that should be able to help...



  • MeganCroll1 (View all users posts) 25 Aug 2014 11:06pm ()

    Thanks for your help Hamish.  

    I've trawled the web, but can't find anything other than the 'power wash' that you suggest.    Do you think reseting through the management console will help?   

  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 26 Aug 2014 8:02am ()

    I wouldn't use the consol for your issue.  Try resetting the device (or even reimaging it, then you can be sure its totally clean), then use the console to get it back to what you had pre issue.

  • MeganCroll1 (View all users posts) 27 Aug 2014 9:24pm ()

    Thanks Hamish.   I'm not sure how to get to the settings when I have no way of directing the cursor to the "hamburger" in the top right corner of the screen.   The chromebook is at school, so I'll have a go tomorrow by using the tab key to see if I can tab to that spot and access settings.   

    I'll give our suppliers a call and see if they can help.

    This sort of problem highlights the positives for BYOD.  As I'm sure that students wouldn't be immobilising their own device :(

  • Chris Magill (View all users posts) 28 Aug 2014 8:55am ()

    Hi Megan,

    We have about 130 Acer C720 Chromebooks here at Otaki College. As far as I am aware, there is no possible way to adjust the Touchpad (settings don't exist in Chrome for hardware devices builtin to Chromebooks). We have returned several Acer Chromebooks under warranty, including at least two with non-working Touchpads. I believe you are actually describing a hardware fault...
    Another common fault we have had with these Chromebooks, is a jittery display, which eventually renders the Chromebook impossible to use (as the display becomes increasingly filled with lines).
    If you need to access the Chromebook with the non-working Touchpad, try using a USB Mouse.
    I expect the device is still under warranty, my suggestion is to return it for repair.
    Kind regards,
    Chris Magill
    Otaki College

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