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Too much PLD in school | a barrier to success?

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Started by Tessa Gray 14 Aug 2014 10:02am () Replies (1)
Sometimes it's hard to juggle different PLD foci in schools, where teachers can end up feeling pressured and frustrated.

In the article,  Improvement and How to get it (Centre of Educational Leadership | Perspectives issue April 2014) Dr Linda Bendikson challenges us with the conception, that many schools do not have a coherent approach to PLD. Instead they often opt for more PLD, which in many cases, results in creating a barrier to school improvement.

Schools opting for a ‘glad bag’ of goodies (multiple PLD contracts) occurring at the same time, often result in negative effects - due to feelings of being overwhelmed with PLD requirements – more meetings, more tasks which leads to frustration and anxiety.

Does this sound familar to you?  
Here's a good news story, where professional learning providers planned a cohesive approach - that best met the learning needs of Glenview Primary school, through partnernship and collaboration. 

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