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Started by Marnel van der Spuy 13 Aug 2014 12:54pm () Replies (5)

Hello everyone.

Is anyone using ePortfolios with their junior students?

How is it working in your class, for you, your students? Would anyone like to share how you manage this with students and what tool/platform you are using? Would appreciate your ideas and examples if possible, please.

Thanks! Smile


  • Tash Stumpf (View all users posts) 23 Aug 2014 8:12pm ()

    Hi Marnel, I am using powerpoint for my eports.  I have teacher pages for reading, writing, maths, oral language, PE, te reo and the students are encouraged to make their title page and a page about what they like to do at school and what ever they want to add to it.  Their own personal page.

    The teacher pages have what they can do, next steps, and I like to add a video of the child reading or writing or working out problems for maths. 

    Hope this helps... would love to hear what you do.

  • Marnel van der Spuy (View all users posts) 24 Aug 2014 6:14pm ()

    Hi Tash

    Thank you so much for sharing how and what you use at your school! Much appreciated. Smile Is it possible to share an example of what such a powerpoint with next steps etc. might look like?

    I use kidblog as ePortfolio with my students  http://kidblog.org/Little-Giants2014/. It is easy to tag posts (helps with evidence for OTJ) and students enjoy having their own blog to share their learning.

  • Roxy Hickman (View all users posts) 25 Aug 2014 1:26pm ()

    Tash, Do you share these with parents? If so, in what way? 

  • Mandi (View all users posts) 26 Aug 2014 4:48pm ()

    Hi Marnel,

    Thanks for your post.

    I would also like to know what other forms of eportfolios are being used with our youngest learners.  We are currently trialling using Myportfolio with a Year 3, a Year 6 and a Year 7/8 class.  The teachers have done a fabulous job with these and they have been very well received by our parent body.  I am not sure about how sucessfully these could be used with our 5 year olds without them being another thing that teachers have to add to the programme, considering that the children would have limited ability in terms of uploading data etc.  I would be very interested to see if there are others out there using Myportfolio successfully with younger children and also other types of eportfolios.  Maybe some early childhood centres have some great ideas, too?


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