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Chromebook & Android Device Recommendations

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Started by Kate Friedwald 12 Aug 2014 7:58pm () Replies (10)

Hi all

We are about to extend our BYOD proramme to 1to1 for Y5/6 and optional for Y3/4.  Our pilot programme this year has been 1to1 iPad/iPad mini which has been highly successful.  For next year we wish to extend our accepted devices to include 1-2 Chromebooks and 1-2 Android tablets.  Are there any that your school has/is using that you could recommend ?   We don't want to go any smaller in capability including screen size (7.9") than the iPad mini.

Thanks in advance



  • Innes Kennard (View all users posts) 14 Aug 2014 8:52pm ()

    Would be totally scary if indeed 60% of a fulltime job is taken up with repairs and or returns - that is not elearning, at a rough guess that is $100000+ over your 3 year span? Are the screen repairs because they are being dropped Hamish - sounds like you have more than one or two, or are they not up to normal robust classroom use. Total cost of ownership is an interesting concept when we start to deploy 'cheaper' machines. I don't agree that "this is just the way with technology" Thanks for the input, sure helps decision making.

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