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Using materials - digital and non digital tools/materials

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Started by Cathiesten 10 Aug 2014 8:43pm () Replies (2)

I am pretty much up with the play with apps and sites in engage children in mathematics learning and am looking for a compare and contrast with traditional materials.  What do teachers like to use?  Are the hands on materials, for example, place value blocks, more suited to a instructional session, with apps for follow up?  Are teachers using apps that mirror the 'real' materials as in Number pieces, or educreations and similar apps to record thinking?  I would be interested to know succesess and favourites.


  • Jacqui Sharp (View all users posts) 11 Aug 2014 8:09am ()

    I use a mixture of iPad apps, website games, youtube movies and activities that I create myself. This wiki page has examples of workshops I created around the Fractions I was teaching last week. http://walkthetalkalfriston.wikispaces.com/Fractions I expect students to have their maths books for recording in and I have one iPad that I use for the workshops. The apps I use are Explain Everything, Educreations, Show me, Screen Chomp, Number Pieces, Numberline, Number Frames Number Rack and any games that we can play as a group, usually with the students working out the answers before we do the next step. I like to use traditional materials as well and build in the camera app to take photos and use Pic Collage or Explain Everything with the record feature to explain the learning. I like to look it in this way, which of any of these tools will help the student to learn, if it doesn't work, replace it straight away with something else, that is why the prepared workshops work so well as you can jump from one slide to another, using different approaches. Some of the movies we replicate with different examples using whatever app is suitable (mostly explain everything). These four blog posts http://elearningclassroom.blogspot.co.nz/search/label/Alfriston explain how I taught maths in four days of demonstration teaching last week.

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