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Section A: Overall Impact

Started by Janene Maloney 09 Aug 2014 12:43pm () Replies (22)

Hi Everyone :) Hope you're going well with putting together your portfolios (or have already got them away).

I'm strugglig a bit with Section A and what's required. Are they after a summary of all the other sections or maybe an overview of our pedagogy?

Really keen to hear your thoughts and how you've approached it.

Many thanks,



  • Janene Maloney (View all users posts) 09 Aug 2014 12:45pm ()

    ...also interested to hear about what others have included as evidence for this Section. 



  • Lorna Cowell (View all users posts) 09 Aug 2014 12:54pm ()

    Hi Janene!

    According to the meeting that I attended Section A is supposed to be "a summary of everything you have written in Sections B to E".

    I don't know about you but I'm finding the whole experience a bit harrowing and very time consuming. It's like doing distance education without the support of a tutor, and not knowing if you're on the right track. I'm finding I'm repeating myself between one section and another - and how much evidence is too much? What about you?

    The end is nigh however...

  • Janene Maloney (View all users posts) 09 Aug 2014 1:18pm ()

    Hi Lorna :) Thanks for your reply. I guess if Section A is a summary of everything, much of the evidence will be the same/similar?

    I agree with your thoughts - it's been very daunting. I've spent a lot of time deliberating over it! I feel that there is only one real shot at the portfolio and have found this to be a lot of pressure in itself.

    One thing that came through when I met with others a few weeks back, was that there was no one right way to do it. With regards to too much evidence, I am trying to be selective so they have enough time to view everything within the allocated 30 minutes.

    All the best Lorna!


  • sarabrown (View all users posts) 09 Aug 2014 7:47pm ()

    i am organising the evidence now, i am sorting into broad groups for ease ...it also means i can broadly call an area aas 1 evidence set.  i am putting literate learning together and putting tabs in each setion and post-its on pages with 1 sentence descriptors.  i have over done the evidence a bit, but now it is too hard to go back.  

    how many pages clearfile ar you using?

  • Janene Maloney (View all users posts) 09 Aug 2014 8:12pm ()

    Hi Sara :)

    I'm using a large clearfile as I've decided to submit most of my evidence in hard copy as opposed to digitally. I also have some digital evidence on memory stick. Sounds like you a well on your way with collating yours. Did you see the suggestion of how to organise the evidence on p.11 of the Guide?



  • Michelle (View all users posts) 09 Aug 2014 8:23pm ()

    I am still deciding how to submit mine.  At the moment I am opting for a soft covered ring binder with tabs.  I have seen binded ones that look great but am thinking about ease of access to the evidence.

  • sarabrown (View all users posts) 09 Aug 2014 11:04pm ()

    i will go back and look at p11 now, to double check...

  • Barbara Ryan (View all users posts) 09 Aug 2014 8:36pm ()

    Hi there

    Thank you for finding time to post such helpful hints!
    I am organising my evidence now too. Have too much so paring back some!
    I have a science slant as have just won a national award for the enhancement of science in my school (started on a voluntary basis as a reliever & grew from there.)
    I have a 40 page clearfile & it is half full so far. Using Post it page markers -5 skinny piles of strips in a pack & just writing E10 or whatever on each one. 
    Evidence- I'm using lots of photos up to 10 on a page with brief handwritten notes as I have New entrants & easy to show process/progress as well as written evidence.
    My dilemma is where to put the evidence in the clearfile.
    I am trying to decide whether to put written sections A B C D E first  and then evidence A B C D E in marked sections after that or put 
    Written A & evidence & written B & evidence & so on.
    I'm a speed reader so don't want whoever looks at it not get to the end. 
    How many pages are you expecting to have?
    What are others doing?
    When are you sending it in?
    My mum is ill & I should spend the day with her but then might not get it finished till next weekend.
    Worried Monday courier might be a bit of a bun fight!
  • Janene Maloney (View all users posts) 09 Aug 2014 8:58pm ()

    Hi Barbara

    Sorry to hear your mum isn't well.

    I think organising your evidence after each Section makes it more user-friendly, with post-it tabs identifying reference number.

    I'm trying to be very selective with my evidence, always mindful they have 30 minutes to view and evaluate the portfolio. I worry if I included too much evidence they might not get through everything and miss something critical.

    How are you referencing your quotes and research sources in the body of the portfolio?

    Wondering if an overview of my current Teaching as Inquiry would be suitable for demonstrating Section A?



  • sarabrown (View all users posts) 09 Aug 2014 11:11pm ()

    evidence i have just organised by section.  but by the time you get to section e, there is not much more 'new' evidence to have behind section, and you have to go trawling back thru tabs to find it.

    i am going to reorgansie tomorrow and transfer to another clearfile as i go so i dont have bits all over th place again.

    i am going to put my portfolio responses together at start and then group evidence in 'like' areas... kinda like the old topic resource folders.

    am VERY over-it.  its wine time now.

    mothers take priority, but that wont take all day.  DONT leave it to next weekend, it will be too late and sooooo stressful, anything else in the universe could throw you a curve ball.

    my evidence filing and tabbing has taken 3 hours tonight, and i will no have to reference it in portfolio doc.  

    you can do it.

  • Jill Simons (View all users posts) 10 Aug 2014 9:56am ()

    HI Barbara,  I had the feeling that the commentaries have to all be together with reference to the evidence.  I am going to staple all the commentaries together (nothing flash about me!)and have nearly all my evidence in a clearfile with some references to links to our classroom blog? (am I allowed to do that?)  Like you I am not sure I am doing the right thing. I have even taken a Leave without pay day tomorrow to hopefully nearly get it all done.  Onwards and upwards. 

  • HilBen (View all users posts) 09 Aug 2014 10:53pm ()

    Hi All

    30 mins is not long to read a document that we have all poured hours into. So my focus now is keeping it as simple as possible.

    I have just put my evidence in a clear file. Section A and then the evidence Section B then evidence etc...

    My clear file will be about 50 pages. I have tried to think "what would make it easy for me to read"

    My Principal is doing the final check and sign off on Tuesday and then it is on the courier by Wednesday. I would encourage you all to have it in the post Thursday night at the latest. We have all worked too hard for it to get there late.

    My focus for Section A has been the big picture stuff. eg I am a NE teacher so Section A has an article that prompted some changes in our school around transitions while the another section has what changes we made and evidence of that.

    My husband sussed out how to get the text from a google doc to the form...go him!...... but you can't do any formatting like a  bullet point or text in bold. Any ideas???? A bit disappointing that their tech staff didn't sort this. I know you can send it in on word but I've decided I want it on the form.

    Thanks for all your posts. They have all helped to keep me on track when I got stuck.

    Keep going everyone!!!!!!


  • Janene Maloney (View all users posts) 09 Aug 2014 11:25pm ()

    Hi Hillary

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and how you approached your portfolio.

    Not being able to use formatting in the PDF is a pain alright. Try using spaces between headings and/or capital letters. You could add an overlay of formatted text from another application also, then print out for your clearfile.



  • Jill Simons (View all users posts) 10 Aug 2014 9:51am ()

    I had a conversation with Katrina?  at Teach NZ on FRiday and you do not have to submit your sections on the provided document, you can just submit it as a word document.  As long as all the legal stuff is done on the official documents that is OK.  I am just putting in tables at the bottom of my word documents to document the evidence - much easier. That PDF file is a pain and takes out paragraphs which just runs everything together. 

  • sarabrown (View all users posts) 09 Aug 2014 11:06pm ()

    there is plenty of space for missing a line between chunks of info.

    it is the only optionCry

  • Sally Roach (View all users posts) 10 Aug 2014 11:46am ()


    I tried not to repeat too much in Section A and although I wrote this last, I kept in mind that this section would probably be their overall first impressions and introduction to my work. I focussed on the planning and the social,cultural and academic learning and the positive outcomes (data)for all diverse learners. 

    Like you all though, I am unsure if I have it right! I posted mine off last week so there is no changing it now! Surprised

    I have received an email to confirm it has arrived.

    I had a birthday party to organise and celebrate this weekend so needed to have it done! Best of luck with the finishing touches and looking forward to that up and coming celebratory drink!

    Kind Regards

    Sally Roach 

  • Martie (View all users posts) 10 Aug 2014 12:14pm ()

    Hi everyone

    Thank you so much for your ideas and advice. With regards to the evidence, I thought I'd start numbering it from Section A, A1,2,3, etc., then refer to same evidence as it comes up in later sections. I am STRUGGLING with Section A and have reworked it a number of times already...Frown Panic!!! I need to get it finalised so I can just focus on teaching my class!!


  • Vinka (View all users posts) 10 Aug 2014 12:22pm ()

    Hi everyone.  It sounds like everyone is doing the best they can with no exemplars!  I have finished - just need to proof read. My portfolio is about 4.7g!  I have probably gone overboard with my evidence but hopefully they get what they need to make their judgement.  I've also learnt I hate listening to my voice on video evidence and I use my hands far too much When talking, explaining, modelling, questioning, and teaching!

    Like Sally, my Section A commentary is like an overview of my practice in relation to the BES and John Hattie's quality/expert teachers research.  I found this a great framework.  This 'big picture' stuff has been backed up with more explicit commentary and specific evidence in the latter sections.  I feel I have done the best I can - so what will be will be.

    My Principal (new this term) and I are meeting on Tues to go through it.  It's a bit weird having a new Principal sign it off!  Hopefully he will check with my retired principal as I know he'd definitly give me the thumbs up!  Then I will courier it of on Weds.

    It will be interesting to see how many of the 800 will actually put in a portfolio!  I wonder if they will make known that number?

    On a side issue...What does everyone think of the NZEIs counterclaim for the IES policy regarding ACET recognition that NZEI members are voting on at present?  It could be that all this work we have done in our own time on our application and portfolio could possibly end up benefitting our schools who would receive PLD days and .2 funding generated by the number of ACET teachers at your school.  The PLD days and .2 may not necessarily be used for the ACET teacher too.  We shall wait and see.

    great to hear they email back to save they have recieved iit Sally.  It would be a worry if it didn't get there!

    Good luck everyone.  I hope you all get them finished and posted off soon.



  • Vinka (View all users posts) 10 Aug 2014 12:33pm ()

    The IES/NZEI counter claim... http://www.nzei.org.nz/documents/IES/Claims-outline-PTCA-20140723.pdf

    Not rying to distract anyone!  I just find it interesting!

  • Sally Roach (View all users posts) 10 Aug 2014 12:49pm ()

    Thanks for that info' Vinka. Yes very interesting! (and you did distract me!....Smile)

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