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ELLP funding 2014

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Started by Breda Matthews 06 Aug 2014 10:59am () Replies (1)


The ELLP Information Pack 

An  ELLP information pack was sent to all schools with ESOL funded students in mid-November. The information pack includes the following documents. 

NB: If you have received this newsletter as a forwarded email and these document links don't open, please go to the top right of the newsletter and click on 'View online version'. 

  • A new ELLP status list for your school with space for ELLP scores. If you are not ready to use the ELLP status list yet you should use the Term 3 and 4 status list sent to your school in August.
  • New student application forms with space for ELLP scoring for MigrantRefugee background and New Zealand born students. If you are not ready to use the ELLP yet you should use the application forms sent to your school in August.
  • A master copy of the ELLP Record of Progress for individual students. When you move to using the ELLP you will need to copy one for each student. This then becomes the cumulative record for each student and should be passed on with the student from year to year.
  • A procedural document: A Process: Using ELLP to Confirm ESOL Funding Eligibility that details the steps required to make applications for funding using ELLP.
  • A set of supporting guidelines: Guidelines: Using ELLP to Confirm ESOL Funding Eligibilitywhich provide additional information about managing the new process.

Next steps:

Each school needs to make the decision as to the time frame for the change, deciding whether they transition to the new system in March 2014, August 2014 or finally in March 2015. 

You should review your school's readiness to make the change and develop a plan to manage your transition. You may find it helpful to document the various stages as you prepare, noting who will be involved, the actions they will take, the resources they will refer to and the relevant time frames.  

As you develop your plan you should:

  • Make sure all staff involved have opportunities to become familiar with the ELLP. Copies can be ordered from Down the Back of the Chair (0800 660 662) or the ELLP documents can be downloaded from TKI ESOL Online.
  • Refer to the ELLP online professional support modules on ESOL Online. These self-access training modules are supported with discussion points, video footage and exemplars that help teachers develop their knowledge of the resource for teaching and learning.

In Term 1 2014, we will be adding a sixth module to the ELLP online modules that supports the use of ELLP to confirm ESOL funding eligibility.  

Please contact Susan Gamble, phone: 09 632 9354, susan.gamble@minedu.govt.nz  or Tjitske Hunter, phone: 09 632 9356, tjitske.hunter@minedu.govt.nz  if you have any queries about this process.  

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