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Tertiary study study in 2015

Started by Graham Hall 06 Aug 2014 10:49am () Replies (9)

What is available in 2015 for post grad study in E learning? Where are people going? Can any current student recommend their programme?


  • Rachel Whalley (View all users posts) 06 Aug 2014 11:05am ()

    Hi Graham

    Any of the tertiaries have postgrad in eLearning, so it is pretty much take your pick. As they are all online it doesn't matter where you choose. I did my post grad diploma ed technologies with Massey, this was historical as i had got my teaching degree there. I would have continued my masters there if my favourite professors were there - Bill Anderson & Mark Brown - now retired & working overseas. I have continued my Masters with Waikato, as they are 'local' to me and I also know people who are studying and teaching there. 

    It was a toss up between Waikato, Otago & Canterbury. And as noone responded to my queries from the 2nd two institutions i decided to throw my hat in with Waikato.

    I really liked Massey library services, particularly for the Freepost return option on all books and resources. Because it was so convenient i also did lots of personal reading borrowing over the holiday breaks too. Waikato doesn't do this library return option i have to pay for their return postage myself or drop them into the campus (over an hour away at Tauranga). So this limits what i request from the library. 

    I am sure everyone will have their different preferences.

    Good luck

    Rachel :-)

  • Doug Drysdale (View all users posts) 06 Aug 2014 11:21am ()

    I did some of my studies through Massey when Bill and Mark were there as well they were certainly well up with the educational aspects of using digital technology.

    Last year though I embarked on a new tertiary journey though - studing towards a Post Grad Dip in Science.  The topic is totally outside education (on purpose) because it has pu me into the situation of being a 'real learner' again.  Most of my studies have involved soil science and greenhouse gas mitigation.

  • Graham Hall (View all users posts) 06 Aug 2014 9:28pm ()

    hi rachael,

    i have sent emails to Aut and Massey. No reply from either. you would think their enrolment or enquiry procedure would generate some interest. I completed a Masters at Aut in 2004

  • Anjela Webster (View all users posts) 06 Aug 2014 10:09pm ()

    hi all

    I did a post grad cert in Ed Technologies in 2004 (ages ago ) through Massey Distance mode, with Mark Brown also...fantastic time exploring the evolution of PCs and the Internet in T and L. Unfortunately wasnt able to credit that towards Masters as it is considered too old now :(  - so don't leave unfinished study for too long!!

    I am now at thesis stage having completed papers throughout 2013 and a research methods summer school, through Waikato uni distance. 

    Prior to choosing Waikato, I explored every uni and Ed faculty with an E-learning lens. Phone calls and email contact saw Waikato uni stand out, alongside Canterbury. Helpful, patient, informative staff.  It was the nature of papers that cinched it for me with Waikato. There were papers that were 'big picture' regarding e-learning v's more focused curriculum strands and e-learning. E.g I looked at policy, frameworks, evolution of e-learning, and the nature of it; Leadership and e-learning; citizenship and safety and what's out there - and research methodology which is a requirement for the qualification. This 2week summer school was really fun, with 45 adults rocking up in January!! The faculty staff are excellent and a big shout out for Assoc. Prof. Garry Falloon - a bit like Mark Brown for those who knew him. 

    Library staff and services are stunning, both on campus and as a distance student. Very happy with my decision!  Papers are approx $1800. check out scholarships offered at your uni of choice and put in apps for them.. It's worth it. 

    My thesis is focused more on online activities, risk taking, and disclosure by younger members of society, but am vinvolved in technologies in L and T within my day job :)

    i say dive in!! 




  • Nathaniel Louwrens (View all users posts) 07 Aug 2014 12:32pm ()

    Hi all

    I completed my PGDip and MEd (e-learning) through Massey and found them very good. I think it's worth "shopping around" as different institutions have different foci. From what I understand some are a lot more practical in their approach to different tools/pedagogies and others are a lot more theory based.

    I've found that most tertiary websites have a fair bit of info on them about the courses, however sometimes it's difficult to pinpoint the course that you thought you wanted (I hope that makes sense!).



  • Scott.J.Paterson (View all users posts) 11 Aug 2014 2:20pm ()

    Hi All I am currently studying a PGDIP Ed (elearning and digital technology) through the univeristy of canterbury, I have found this course really engaging and interesting so far.  They have a good focus for all aspects of educational process through to instructional design work.  I found talking to the course managers in the first instance valuable in making a decision.  I also wanted a course which 100% online, which this one is.  I'm in wellington and have no need to ever be in christchurch for study.  

  • Megan McLellan (View all users posts) 11 Aug 2014 2:58pm ()

    I did the same course last year and found it great.  I think one of the big differences in which courses I've done and how much I've enjoyed them is largely influenced by the amount of discussion facilitated in the course.  The elearning appears I did with Canterbury was excellent in that regard.  

  • Anjela Webster (View all users posts) 11 Aug 2014 3:57pm ()

    It's great to get that feedback about Canterbury - I did find them most helpful, going the extra mile with information and direction also. While I didn't choose to study with them, it was only because of the nature of e-learning papers they offered compared to Waikato, in relation to my wider e-interests. Great to think there's at least a couple of excellent tertiary options for Nth and Sth Islands. I enjoyed a summer paper based on-site during January at Waikato. I could have done this all online, but chose to go up, as it was REsearch Methodology and I decided it might be a very dry paper to do online. It was really fun, and I'd recommend the variety of study methods if it suits one's lifestyle (giving up summer time for two weeks sounds a chore, but it wasn't). 

    I agree that the forums provide a really dynamic place to connect and share - it's a bit like on here..

    Enjoy your week... I'm over the chilly weather, and ready for warmth and lighter evenings :)

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