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Examples of Inclusion - Everyone's In: Part 1

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Started by Roxy Hickman 29 Jul 2014 9:41pm () Replies (1)

"This video series takes a candid and compelling look at how a school district is building an inclusive education system. The series profiles nine district schools that are doing amazing work to create welcoming learning environments for all students – regardless of their background, needs or abilities. The videos shine a spotlight on how school communities are coming together to ensure diversity is fully embraced and nurtured within a culture that strives to help all kids feel a sense of self-worth and value." Edmonton Public Schools District in Canada celebrate Inclusive Learning: Everyone’s In.

There are some very uplifting thoughts about inclusion throughout this overview of the schools involved in the Inclusive Education: Everyone's In Project. 

Inclusive Learning - Everyone's In - Overview of the Series


This series also comes with a Learning Guide to support the videos. It includes questions for further discussion. Here are some examples which you might reflect on yourself, share back within your school or share with us here on the VLN. 

  • What phrases/words do you associate with the term “Inclusion”?
  • What does Inclusion mean to you?
  • What are your school’s beliefs on Inclusion?
  • What are some challenges you/your school faces regarding inclusion?
  • What does an “Inclusive setting” mean to you?
  • How does your school encourage the contributions of all learners?
  • How does your school create an environment in which all students are included as one community?

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