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Imagistory - A creative storytelling app for kids

Started by Anne Kenneally  29 Jul 2014 12:43pm () Replies (8)

Check this out!  Looks awesome for oral language development.  Would love to hear examples of how you are using this!


  • Nathaniel Louwrens (View all users posts) 29 Jul 2014 3:08pm ()

    I hadn't come across this app before but the video captured me! I've downloaded the app and will try it out tonight with the kids at bedtime Laughing

    I also am interested to hear how people have/might use the app with students.

  • Anne Kenneally  (View all users posts) 29 Jul 2014 7:18pm ()

    Thanks Nathaniel, I am really looking forward to hearing what your kids think of it.  I had a little play with it this afternoon.

  • Nathaniel Louwrens (View all users posts) 30 Jul 2014 9:50am ()

    My kids quite enjoyed making up their own stories (I was naughty and added some sound fx Wink).

    It's a pity there are only 2 initial stories before you have to pay for more.

  • Anne Kenneally  (View all users posts) 30 Jul 2014 3:33pm ()

    Great to hear you had a go with it!  I can just picture you adding sound effects.  

    Very sad to hear that it progresses to a pay stage!  Can you listen to a limitless range for free?

  • Imagistory (View all users posts) 31 Jul 2014 4:26pm ()

    Thank you for sharing our new app! Smile We're glad that you enjoyed using it. Sorry we and our artists can't give all our books away for free, as you can appreciate a lot of time and costs go into creating them. We've tried to keep the price as low as possible however, we hope $2.59 isn't too much to pay to buy a picture book? 

    Also Anne, you can record and listen to as many stories as you want with the first two books for free, the only cost is if you want to use additional books then you have to buy them.  

  • Anne Kenneally  (View all users posts) 04 Aug 2014 11:28am ()


    Thank you for contributing to the discussion here. I have shared the app with a number of people now and am waiting for some more feedback.  

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Living happily in the app of luxurywrite up in the Herald.  

    Barrett took 18 months to create his first story. Photo / Getty Images

    Nick Barrett is an unlikely creator of an app to help children read. To start with, he's not a teacher, admits he's not overly tech savvy and has never aspired to be an author.

    But that hasn't stopped the entrepreneurial 24-year-old Aucklander developing an app for children that is helping youngsters enjoy the art of storytelling well before they can read and write.

    Imagistory is a colourful storyboard app for iPads featuring a series of linked scenes allowing children to create their own story based on the pictures.

    The stories can also be recorded and shared as video on social media.

    Barrett, a business honours graduate at Auckland University of Technology, says the development of the app is largely thanks to a chance encounter with a young relative who was enjoying a book she was too young to understand.

    "That one little moment ended up changing a lot of things," says Barrett. He recalled seeing the three-year-old sitting in adjacent room at his grandmother's home reading a picture book out loud to herself.

    "My first thought was, 'How could she possibly be reading a book, she's too young?' "And then my next thought was: 'She's most probably making it up and just using the pictures as a guide.'

    "I thought, what a great idea for a creative tool. Why not make picture books with no words and design them that way?"

    It took 18 months to create his first story, The Little Red Bucket.

    The 17-page wordless story book was initially rejected by the Apple app store, forcing the innovative Kiwi to do something different.

    Barrett's answer was to redesign the app so it could record voices reading the story, which made it more than just a book.

    The app, which now features four titles, has attracted users from around the globe.

    The first two titles are free, then they cost $2.59 each.

    He plans to have two more titles for sale in the coming weeks and then produce one new title a month thereafter.

    Each story is constructed collaboratively between Barrett and an illustrator and is intended to have wide universal appeal.

    Barrett said the books had been trialled successfully in some Auckland public libraries.

    "They absolutely love it," he said. "The kids all seemed to love being involved telling the story."

    Some Auckland schools have started using the app. Rita Langston, year one and two teacher at St Joseph's School, Orakei, said it was a great tool for giving children enthusiasm and confidence.

    "I have noticed a significant improvement in all my students — not only in reading but in writing as well."

  • Nathaniel Louwrens (View all users posts) 30 Oct 2014 9:58am ()

    I see that Imagistory now has a Schools edition with 6 stories available.

    Imagistory: Schools edition - Creative Storytelling.

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