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Feeling lost.......

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Started by Bryanna O'Regan 24 Jul 2014 10:16pm () Replies (2)

Where do we start.....any ideas? I have a folder of bits and pieces but can't decide what the panel actually want.


  • Megan (View all users posts) 24 Jul 2014 11:03pm ()

    Hi Bryanna - were you at the meeting in Havelock tonight that Louise organised? If not, there is another one I THINK (I deleted the email, so can't quite remember!) in Napier next week? Not sure - but hopefully you got the email, if not, other's might be able to let you know when/where. Anyway, I found it very useful this evening, seeing where other's were at - don't worry - there are a lot of us who are at the same stage as you. We just talked about worries, good ideas - did some sharing if anyone had brought what they had done thus far. Most folk have started with the sections and then done the 1000 word overview last (as suggested) but not all; some haven't started, but have got general ideas. Some people had put what they had done into a clear file, popping in copies of evidence, some had stuff on memory sticks. I have  got started by just writing everything and anything, kind of like a narrative - which is way, way too long! but now I'm going to pick out the salient points and whittle it right down to the word count - that that's me. Inefficient, but I don't know what I'm saying till I see it half the time! If that makes sense. If you can get to the next meeting, I think you will be greatly relieved. If you can't, maybe you could meet with someone nearby? Sorry, probably not much help. :) megan

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