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They're here! Kid-speaked Literacy Progressions

Started by Mary-Anne Murphy 15 Jul 2014 8:05am () Replies (53)

After much work, collaboration and moderation both the writing and reading progressions have been kid-speaked for your use. Many thanks to those people who assisted with this process! tinyurl.com/nzliteracyprogressions


  • Jane Armstrong Bos (View all users posts) 07 Apr 2020 3:40pm ()

    The Kid-speaked literacy progressions are no longer accessible from the Google site. I have uploaded what I had on Word docs into the resources https://vln.school.nz/resources/view/988499/kid-speaked-literacy-progressions

    Have you seen the Literacy Progression Frameworks? These are also useful.

  • Laura StTherese (View all users posts) 03 Apr 2020 7:01pm ()

    Thanks Brendan. Much appreciated.

  • Raukura Baker (View all users posts) 03 Apr 2020 4:15pm ()

    Kia ora, having trouble accessing 'Kid-speaked Literacy Progressions' for reading and wrinting. Click of link and get this message. Can someone help please as I'd love to share with families at this time during distant learning ;)

    Not Found

    Error 404

  • Brendon Anderson (View all users posts) 02 Apr 2020 10:07pm ()

    Sure, send me an email brendon@frankley.school.nz


  • Laura StTherese (View all users posts) 02 Apr 2020 8:23pm ()

    Hi, I am having trouble accessing the writing progression in kidspeak. It only comes up with an error message. If I was to share my email, may I ask if someone could send me the document/s?

    Really excited to see how these could enrich our teaching and learning and appreciate all the hard work that has gone into producing this resource.

  • Mary-Anne Murphy (View all users posts) 07 Sep 2014 8:34pm ()

    Kia ora Koutou

    The End of Year 10 Kid-Speaked Literacy Progressions are now complete.

    Special thanks to the group of dedicated school leaders that came together to make this a reality:
    Juliet Dickinson - Te Kowhai School
    Judith Smallbone - John Paul College, Rotorua
    Karyn Gray - Te Karaka Area School

    End of Year 10 Writing Progressions: Click here

    End of Year 10 Reading Progressions: Click here

    Ngā mihi nui

    Mary-Anne Murphy  


  • Moana (View all users posts) 11 Aug 2014 3:15am ()

    I agree with these are an awesome resource. Thank you for taking the time to make them!

  • Tash Jacobs (View all users posts) 08 Aug 2014 1:29pm ()

    Kia ora Shane

    Thank you so much for your sharing and for your hard work!  I was talking
    with a school recently who were keen to produce a document exactly like
    this so you will have saved them, and I'm sure countless others, a task.

    I have a wondering for everyone reading to consider and share
    ideas...please... we use the kid-speak progressions so the students can
    access the learning intentions as well as clearly understand and articulate
    their learning with language they understand, but when we as the educators
    are recording and creating matrix to track and monitor progress we need to
    use the LLP etc directly otherwise the we run the risk of watering down the
    learning intended and loosing sight of what the documents actually say.

    I would be interested to hear what others think around this.

    Tash :

  • Shane Campbell (View all users posts) 08 Aug 2014 12:14pm ()

    Literacy Writing Progressions A3 Yr 0 - 3Literacy Writing Progressions A3 Yr 4 - 8Literacy Reading Progressions A3 Yr 0 - 3Literacy Reading Progressions A3 Yr 4 - 8

    Kia ora everyone,

    Thanks for sharing your resources / ideas. Now it's our turn:)

    We spent some time looking at the Literacy Progressions in Kid Speak and decided that we would create our own format for teachers. The attached A3 sheets are currently being used by teachers as a tool to assist them with their Teaching as Inquiry journey re Acceleating the Progress of Priority Learners.

    So far the teachers have used the resources in different ways. Some teachers have highlighted them e.g. 'Gold for Glory, Pink to Think'. Laminating the sheets has made it easier for teachers to write student names / initials and then wipe off as student needs change.

    Feel free to use as you wish ... sharing is caring :)

  • Jill Hammonds (View all users posts) 08 Aug 2014 11:55am ()

    Hi Shane,

    When you are in the comment box you will see "Embed content" just above the box on the right. Choose upload file, find it on your computer, upload and then click on the file once loaded to place it on the page. I hope this works ok for you but ask again if you have any problems. 

    Cheers, Jill

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