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Started by @PalmyTeacher 13 Jul 2014 12:35pm () Replies (7)

Hey, I have been filling out the porfolio and it's pretty tricky! 500 words to explain your classroom practice is not much! I have pretty much been working on it all week and have just about finished.

A couple of questions? Can we use PAGES as a format? It says Word only I think.

I haven't put any test results or assessment as I thought it wouldn't show anything of great value. What is everyone else doing?

Is the word limit a guideline? I think I have written 600 words on a couple of them, is that ok?

How has everyone used links to blogs as Evidence? I just wrote down the blog address and hope that they will go to the website.

In the guideline it talks about referring to research. How has everyone done this?

The summary seems a bit like a waste as I'm going over stuff again! I'll rather have this space to write about other stuff!

Again in the guideline it talks about referring to priority learners a lot. How is everyone going to do this?

It's definitely a big job, but hopefully worth it in the end!


  • Sally Roach (View all users posts) 13 Jul 2014 2:58pm ()


    It is tricky! You would be glad you're nearly finished! In answer to your questions. 

    I think pages would be fine as long as you can place your text on the page provided. 

    Test results,research and reference to priority learners I have done in my TAI.

    I have tried to stick to the 500 words as I know they have a lot of portfolios to go through.

    Links to blogs I have used sections rather than the whole lot.

    The overveiw -  I havent done that yet!

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

    Kind Regards Sally

  • @PalmyTeacher (View all users posts) 13 Jul 2014 4:56pm ()

    What is TAI? What sort of test results and research did you use?

  • cath (View all users posts) 13 Jul 2014 3:46pm ()

    Our principal, who is up with the play, says that the panel only have 30 minutes to look at each portfolio so it has to be pretty quick and easy to get to everything.  Maybe put the link to your blog and give the date of the relevant post/s. I am very jealous as am spending time on my Teaching as Inquiry blog and getting that up to date first! Hope this is helpful.


  • Sally Roach (View all users posts) 13 Jul 2014 5:14pm ()

    I think there is 7 panelists including a chairperson (going by the ad for their positions).

    TAI is Teaching as Inquiry. The research I used was courses I had been to or books I have read. Results relating to my TAI.

  • @PalmyTeacher (View all users posts) 14 Jul 2014 1:30pm ()

    Swt as! I have written about my Teacher As Inquiry as well.

  • Sally Roach (View all users posts) 14 Jul 2014 6:31pm ()

    Great! Well done. Guess you can enjoy a well deserved holiday now! Enjoy Cool

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