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Student user names in the online environment

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Started by Karen Corbin 25 Jun 2014 2:55pm () Replies (5)


At the moment our school uses the christian and surname as the user name for the school network. We are now setting up google and Office 365 and I'm thinking that students should be less identifiable to the outside world. Was thinking about using their NSN number or Kamar number as their username. Both are unique. Not sure how trackable the NSN is though. Thoughts??


  • Kate Friedwald (View all users posts) 25 Jun 2014 9:01pm ()

    Hi Karen

    We too use christian and surname within school.  When setting up google accounts we have still used both names (for email address) however christian and first initial of surname are used in blogs set ups and any other public communication.  This keeps children identifible to each other and staff but doesnt give too much away to the public.  We obviously teach digitial citezenship around what else is inapproprite to be shared pubicially by uses.  I did a bit of research prior to setting up and found this was an approach taken by a number of schools.

  • Steve Trotter (View all users posts) 25 Jun 2014 9:42pm ()

    We use christian names, with an initial when double ups occur. I looked around at the time of our set-up and it seemed to be the done deal.

    Other thing to consider is this username is often associated with content - i.e. when you post something on a blog, the username appears. This would look a bit crazy if all the usernames look like 23523r!

    Out of interst, are you setting up both Google and 365?

  • Heather Harper (View all users posts) 27 Jun 2014 9:37am ()

    Our students use the username that they use at school, which is their christian name and the first two letters of their last name. This works well for all things online, blogs are named with their first name but the address has their username so it is unique. 

    They are encouraged to not give out personal details on their blog as well as we teach Digital Citizenship and giving them the tools and strategies to make the appropriate choices about what they post. All teachers are authors of their student blogs as well.

  • Karen Corbin (View all users posts) 04 Jul 2014 9:37pm ()


    Thanks for all your comments. They are very helpful. We are setting up Google and enough of Office365 for students to be able to access their own copies of Office. Some schools have been able to do this with by sending an email to each student, so I'm looking into that. My philosophy would be that if teachers wanted to use 365 they could but that Google would be the one that we were promoting and providing training on within the school. We use KnowledgeNet as our learning management system and will change over to Ultranet at the end of the year. I'm keeping an open mind on Ultranet as I don't know anything about it. The advantage of KN has been that it sets up all the classes and updates every night using websync. I also like their learning journals.

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