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Waihi East Primary School Students Get Creative With Storytelling

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Started by Robbie McGOUGAN 21 Jun 2014 8:44am () Replies (1)

Here are a series of stories or plays presented as cartoon style videos, the students were inspired after reading Margaret Mahy books this term and acting in our East School production 'Songs In The Key Of Mahy' to try and present their own creative ideas. 'Toontastic' or 'Puppet Pals HD' on the iPad were the tools we used for this. The titles in this playlist are 'Witch In The Deep Blue Sea' by Paris and Lily, 'Fishy Business', which has a story line featuring a baby Megalodon meeting a Predator X and they become friends and go on a massive adventure, created by Liam, Kellim and Nai room 1 East School students.'Snarky' a Toontastic play created by Jayden P and Rahira P both yr 6 students.Our final title in this playlist is 'Spirit Dragons', which is about a boy who talked to a stranger and got a toy dragon that some how it came to life. They became friends and the boy named the dragon Toothless, voice by Isitolo a year 5 pupil in room1 and movements by Jacob a year 6 room 1 pupil.

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