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Change school hosted email to GAFE email

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Started by Johan Schnetler 19 Jun 2014 9:13am () Replies (3)

Hi guys

Our school is currently using GAFE but the email is still hosted on our school servers. I am not able to fully utilize the "Groups"-function because our local mail servers do not recognize the groups created in Google groups, with the result that if anything is emailed using the group name, then people do not get the email. If I use the groups that I created to share content from Google Drive, then people can access it through "Shared with me" in their drive, but they do not get an email to notify them.

The question now is: Am I doing something wrong or is the only alternative to have the mail hosted by Google and not locally. If so can you please share any issues you might have had around this with me (filtering, spam ect.) Are we going to have less control over our mail, or is there nothing to worry about.




  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 19 Jun 2014 12:39pm ()

    Hi Johan,

    4 years ago I started my previous school on the GAFE journey.  The first thing I did was to migrate the current email hosts and ports over to google.  This lasted 12 months, and gave teachers a small chunk of learning with just gMail for GAFE.  Then the next year we started on docs and went from there.

    It is possible to use 'active directory' in windows server and setup groups there, and then sync it to your google account, or even vice versa.  But I'm not sure if that would fix the problem you are having.  

    I would make the change to google hosted email ASAP.  It will save quite a chunk of money form your I.T budget, and will fix the group problem.  From here you will have more control over classes, restrictions, etc.  I would also use Teacher Dashboard by Hapara if not already.  Makes the administration of students and teachers so much easier.

    The spam is the same level we had before, but now google instantly move it to the spam folder.  I've had 2-3 emails this year go to spam that were important, but quickly checking your 'spam' folder is easy.

  • Heather Harper (View all users posts) 19 Jun 2014 12:59pm ()

    Hi Johan

     I agree with Hamish re Spam. we changed to Google mail...last September and I no longer have to spend time each morning going through the whole school spamm filterfolder.  Our Gmail is synched to our "AD" so that any thing done on our Windows server immediatelt synchs to gmail.

    On your "shared with me" settings after inviting the people you want to share with there is a box to tick and write a message to send an e-mail. Click on that and go send

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