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Started by Roimata Baker 11 Jun 2014 4:18pm () Replies (6)

Some of my workmates have mentioned how much they would miss using Apple's Pages app when switiching to Chromebooks.  Has anyone found an app that is as fantastic as Pages if not better?


  • Steve Trotter (View all users posts) 12 Jun 2014 8:16pm ()

    Hey Roimata, yes, Docs are different!

    The Number 1 'problem' I hear people complain about are tables (i.e. inability to merge cells etc.). Other problems usually revolve around layout shortcomings.

    There are a few solutions for this. 

    1) Use templates (as mentioned by Allanah)

    2) Insert a drawing into a doc - you can merge cells and customise layout however you want in a drawing, then save and copy into Doc (Do to Drawing and create table. Then Edit > Web Clipboard > Copy entire drawing.. Go to your Doc > Insert > Drawing > Paste. (See video here).

    Once the 'drawing' is in your doc, you can edit the table however you like. Which brings me onto number 3 tip..

    3) Create your own Doc template with just a table inserted from a Drawing in it. Then, if you ever require a document with a table, open this template and you can edit the table (without the hassle of the above)

    4) Use Google Presentation or Drawing as an alternative to Document. If you are creating something with a complicated layout or tables and can't find a suitable template, just create it in Presentation or Drawing. You can change the size to make it 'A4' (File > Page Set-up > Custom) and all the great Google features are still there - collabarate, see revision history, embed..In fact, I find embedding a presentation better than embedding a Documet as hyperlinks open in new windows and you do not have to manually change the size!

    5) Create tables within tables.. See this site

    6) Try other Apps, as suggested by Leigh (awesome presentation). Another I would recommend is LucidPress, though you now have to pay for all features....

    Good luck :)


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