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Best Platform For 1:1 Procurement - Trust, School Purchase?

Started by Rob Gunn 10 Jun 2014 8:41am () Replies (14)

Our school has creaetd an environemtn that utilises technologies in a 1:2 device scenario and are ready to go to 1:1 BYOD. However, we want to be able to offer devices to our students in a way that ensiures equal access, equity and flexibility in realation to procurement and supply at this stage and only in our school (possibly extending to other schools in our community within the next year.

We are aware of creating a trust that runs and organises procurement and leasing arrangements etc. This arrangement does seem logical to us, but we would like to investigate other possiblities. Is anyone aware of any other solutions that may work? Is it possible for a school to purchase the devices and then onsell to its community either outright or through a lease to own arrangement? Does anyone know of any schools doing it this way?

We would like to avoid finance companies as with the extra margin they put on it and the unflexible nature of payments, bad credit etc it does not seem justified to us.

Any thoughts appreciated. Or If this has been discussed before please provide a link.


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