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Apps for creating storyboards digitally

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Started by Jill McArthur 08 Jun 2014 5:41pm () Replies (4)

I am an English teacher who is currently studying film with my year 9 trial BYOD class. I am looking for a digital tool that they could use to create their storyboard assessment online. It's a very basic task - storyboard 9 frames and explain how the the visual and verbal techniques all work together for effect. We have windows/android-based laptops/tablets.

Thanks, JillSmile


  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 08 Jun 2014 5:58pm ()

    Hi Jill,


    There is an online source that I have used previously.  http://storybird.com

    Its free to use for education, and you can create a classroom account and keep track of your student work.  For what you are after I think thats a good bet. 

    I use GAFE, so the students in my Media group use Google presentation.  From there they create their own power point and format it which every they feel representates their ideas the best.  

  • Gail Abbitt (View all users posts) 08 Jun 2014 7:07pm ()

    Hi Jill, 

    there are a couple of user friendly (free) apps you can try. For example,  'Storyboarder' - available on Google play for Android or 'Storyboard' - available on iTunes (the basic is free, which is probably all you'll need, the premium is $14.99.) 'Storyboard That' (www.storyboardthat.com) is great, it comes at a cost but you can do a free months trial. With my seniors I use Celtx (www.celtx.com)  it is mainly for scriptwriting but you can use it to create storyboards as well, might be a bit too advanced for what you want.

  • anne robertson (View all users posts) 09 Jun 2014 8:03am ()

    You can also use Explain Everything which is an app for Android or Apple devices.  There is a small cost - about $5.00.  

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