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managing research

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Started by Lanea Strickland 08 Jun 2014 9:46am () Replies (6)

How do others manage plagiarism when students are writing and researching? We were writing reports on endangered animals and some students were basically copyin and pasting parts off the Internet but because it is intertwined was difficult to ascetrain where... I will be doing a lesson around it but am just new to chrome. . Any advice pls? 


  • Leigh Hynes (View all users posts) 08 Jun 2014 9:58am ()

    Ask them to give a 2 minute talk about it off the cuff, then illustrate that
    they didn't really learn anything just by copying.  It's time for a lesson on digital citizenship.

  • Jan-Marie Kellow (View all users posts) 08 Jun 2014 10:35am ()

    Good idea Leigh. Phrasing the questions so it is harder to cut and paste helps also. Asking for why their particular animal should or shouldn't be saved for example. Definitely time for digital citizenship talks too.

  • Kerry Elphick (View all users posts) 08 Jun 2014 2:50pm ()

    I have been using video notes and it has been a fantastic way to encourage the students to take notes using key words and phrases from videos. All video notes are automatically saved in Google Drive so they can access them at any time. They then write their own reports from their own notes. Load any video from you tube in to video notes and start note taking. My students loved it! Great for science but we have used it successfully across all curriculum areas. 

  • Dave Winter (View all users posts) 09 Jun 2014 8:04pm ()

    One other way I suggest you might use is ask that the student copy the resources they use and include these at the end of their documents / presentations this may encourage them to alter the content and take ownership. I like Jan Marie's advice where what is required will never be an excact match to information on the internet. Say what would Martin Luther King do if he lived today fro example rather than write about Martin Luther King.

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 09 Jun 2014 8:37pm ()

    I am thinking also that you could the students to use the Google Doc Add On Text Help Study Skills to highlight the main points of the introduced text so as to get the important bits of a text.

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