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Planning Templates

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Started by Rosemary Murphy 08 Jun 2014 8:53am () Replies (4)


As we are moving towards being totally Google at our school, some of the teachers are asking me about planning templates. They currently use Microsoft and are disappointed in Google as it does not have all the features of Microsoft and the tables can be very messy. What do other schools use within Google for planning. I would love some advice so I can point them in the right direction. Thank you.


  • Amy McCauley (View all users posts) 08 Jun 2014 12:42pm ()

    Hey Rosemary,

    Microsft have launched some of their products (wordexcelpowerpointoutlook) through the chrome web store. 

    We plan using Google Sites that are visable to our entire community (including parents, etc).  We put all our weekly plans and term overviews, etc here.  Any information we want only specific people to see (e.g. teachers and leadership team only), we enable page level permissions for.  I initally made a couple of templates for planning site, which teams could use under our domain.  

  • Michelle Edwards (View all users posts) 08 Jun 2014 12:23pm ()

    When we started out we had the same issues but they keep improving google drive all of the time. Because this was something we wanted to do - we recreated out planning temples in google drive and saved them as templates.... soo much easier! This is such a collaborate way of planning. We will never go back.

  • Leigh Hynes (View all users posts) 08 Jun 2014 9:16am ()

    Are you asking about lesson planning templates?  There are thousands in Google Drive.  Go to Get More Apps under the Create button and you will be able to find Templates as an app.  

    There are also many many templates in Sites if they want to branch out from just using the word processing functions of Google docs for planning.  You can work collaboratively on a site, too.  It requires a mindset change.  Teaching using digital technologies can be so much more than making planning sheets and worksheets.

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