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Volume purchasing and teachers exploring

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Started by Michelle Robison 05 Jun 2014 11:08am () Replies (7)

I am wondering what people are doing regarding giving teachers the ability to explore what apps are good. We all read about what's good but know I need to trial them before I can introduce them to anyone else. So if a school is VPP and the IT manager is managing the account with secure purchases how do we give an ipad to a teacher to take home in the holidays and explore new apps?

Are you able to set up a different purchasers ID on the ipad, and give the teacher this ID so they can download free programs? Then remove anything when you get back to syncing them. Do you have to remove them? Can they stay on there or will sycing them mean they syc to all other devices?

Does it mean that the teachers need to have their own iPad and account (school supplied or not) to enable them to discover what's out there? Any suggestions or ways of operating from others would be much appreciated.


  • Vivien Field (View all users posts) 12 Jun 2014 5:00pm ()

    Removing & adding accounts within an iPad can make some apps that are associated with a specific iTunes account not work, generally though it will work, apps that were previously added will stay.  I don't think I would suggest they need a separate account in order to take an iPad home to add new apps and test them.  However, you would need to know the account password as iTunes will ask you for it on the Appstore when you go to add new Apps free or not.  So is the IT Manager willing to divulge that? Probably not.  Perhaps the IT Manager can provide all of the teachers will a separate iTunes account like one called 'TEACHER.USE' or similar that allows the ANY teacher to use the machines and to enter into Appstore along with a set password to download Apps.  I am not 100% sure but when the machines are next attached to Configurator those Apps may get overwritten and removed and all Apps configured within Configurator will go back on.  UNLESS the IT Manager adds them into the Configurator settings.  My suggestion is that the IT Manager has a POD of a few iPads for home use for the teachers to test out Apps with, then they come back at the end of holidays or whatever, give the IT Manager their recommendations and hand back these few iPads that are specifically setup with an iTunes account they can use with a known password and he/she can then upload those Apps or add them to the VPP (if they are available) and distribute those Apps to the other iPads if they want them to.

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