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Opawaho TOD Choice and Agency

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Started by Ali Mathias 03 Jun 2014 10:25am () Replies (5)

Climbing out of the Pit

Agency in Learning - what does it mean for me and my students?

  1. Provoke some thinking about the concept of agency in learning and its place within Modern Learning Practice.

  2. Experience agency first hand, as part of a group trying to solve a problem.

  3. Relate our experience of agency to James Nottingham’s idea of ‘the learning pit’.

  4. Co-construct a compendium of practical ideas about bringing agency to life.


  • Ali Mathias (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2014 11:01am ()

    iving children choices, the teacher chooses the choices. Making opportunities for student centered learning. Children have their own voice, learning talk. Open ended learning. Explain their thinking and take responsibility for their own learning to be self-managers. Using success criteria to make their own learning goals.

    Children knowing the learning goals and choosing their own way of getting their, choosing their own tools. Need to scaffold the ability to make choices. Teaching self-managing. Children need scaffolding to be able to make strong choices and develop self-motivation.

    Moving beyond behaviour management towards a culture of developing and acting on agency. Children have to know intrinsically that they can act on their agency.

    What about disengaged children and reluctant learners?

    Oral language skills, relationship skills become more and more important.

    Modern learning environments fit the children and the community.

    How do assess learning in an MLE? What do you assess? Where do the National Standards fit in?

  • Ali Mathias (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2014 11:01am ()

    echnology rich

    Supportive and students teaching each other.


    Can work anywhere e.g. coffee culture

    Students have more choice.

    Self motivation.

    Learning can be JIT


    Self management

    21st century learning and 22nd!!!!!

    Future forward thinkers that are adaptable and flexible.

    Self analysis

    Alot of differentiated PD

    Consideration and thoughtful

  • Ali Mathias (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2014 11:01am ()

    transfer from dependence to independence

    will look like… collaboration with EC teachers, valuing what they bring from home, giving the children a VEHICLE to share and build on their knowledge and skills

    whanau/vertical groupings/tuakana-teina relationships

    in the future...these children will play the part of either in the relationship

    teaching and learning will be become interchangeable

    as primary school teachers we can learn so much from preschools...observe further abroad

    a stimulating environment, children have some influence on environment

    early childhood learners are ‘natural learners’

    the environment as ‘agent’

  • Ali Mathias (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2014 11:02am ()

    questions are generated by students

    teacher poses questions

    teacher facilitates

    building off others’ strengths

    range of competencies/ students mixed groups/ different ages

    use of a range of devices and also pen and paper where necessary

    suitable time frame

    measure for on task behaviours

    variety of learning taking place

    range of environments where this may take place

    offering choice


    conclusion/ self-evaluation/ reflection/ presentation

    may be allocated roles in a group situation/ everyone has a voice/ say

    alternative models of teaching- peer/ parallel etc

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