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Classroom Planning

Started by Louise Tredinnick 01 Jun 2014 5:16pm () Replies (21)

With so many of us using Google Apps for Education now I wondered how teachers classroom planning formats are changing and if any of you have any examples of planning you would like to share.  I do all my planning on Docs and share the folder on my classroom site so that the students can access their planning from home or school.  Happy to share mine if anyone would like to see an example of this.  


  • Louise Tredinnick (View all users posts) 01 Jun 2014 5:18pm ()

    I also wondered what teachers see at being essential elements in planning.  For example, is it important to note the elearning aspect, the students with special abilities or the sustainability aspect if releavant.  

  • Heather (View all users posts) 14 Jul 2014 10:08pm ()

    Hi Louise

    I am very new at using google docs and was wanting to see if there were any templates out there that could help me with my first lot of planning .We are looking to start with writing as a main focus and any help would be appreciated just until I become familiar with the whole google docs system.  Thanks

  • Louise Tredinnick (View all users posts) 17 Jul 2014 7:00am ()

    Hi Heather 

    I'm sorry I didn't check this for a while so am a little late in getting back to you.  We have Google Apps for Education and Hapara at School, which fit together so well.  In addition to this I use Doctopus, a Google Add-on which can be added to your Spreadsheet Docs menu.  This allows you to push out Doc Assignments to students and have the Docs all in the same place (a spreadsheet) so that you can access and mark them and add comments, which is then useful for Reports etc.  So that's the overall structure I use.

    I write Google Doc templates for the set writing text types for the students and push these out through Hapara but if you didn't have Hapara, just share the Doc or give the students the link (they will make a copy of the Doc and then use it)  This is very useful for students needing more support and the students know exactly what to do to complete a task.  As my room functions as a digital environment with about 1 device for 2 students my students usually work together and copy the writing into the other buddy's folder (unless I need all their own work)  

    As far as my planning is concerned, taking the Literacty Writing example, as that's your focus, I first write a Literacy Across the Curriculum plan for the term, then an explicit weekly plan.  I put all my planning on a class Google site, which I made and this is accessed with different permissions by the DP, students, parents and any other teacher who would like to see modelling of planning.   The students can then do their learning at home, which is good when they are sick etc.    The Google Doc templates will match exact points on my weekly plans.  I'm just finishing my planning coma for this coming term.  

    Because there's a lot of onus on the students to access their learning I've also made a Virtual Writers Toolbox, with self-help things like exemplars, dictionary, templates.  I also have a system where students who have finished their writing then become tutors so their names are added to this toolbox for others to find an expert.  

    As far as feedback and feedforward goes, I use Kaizena, an app from the app store (just look at the coloured grid of dots on the top left hand side of your computer) for writing and recording voice feedback.  I also use google Doc comments and voice comments for this - both are similar.  For basic assessment data, e.g. weekly spelling results, I have spreadsheets set up and the students just enter their own data, which is also on my site.  There's another assessment page for the DP to access for more formal results e.g. STAR etc.  I just change the permissions so that various people can see various things.  For me it's easier to access Docs straight from my site than dive into millions of Docs, although I organsie these well in Drive so that I know where things are.  Filing Docs and setting up an organised system is really important.  Guess that's like housework and we all do that different ways.  I also suggest that you make your Docs all offline (can tell you about that in another story) as you can then work on any Doc when you're not in wifi and then it will just syn the changes when you enter wifi again.  This is really useful when you're on holiday etc.

    So long story cut short - everything falls into place with thinking through maximising Google Docs!  If you woudl like any examples of anything I've mentioned just ask me.  

    Happy planning 

  • Heather (View all users posts) 17 Jul 2014 10:35am ()

    Hi Louise

    Thank you so much
    wow it all sounds like it will fall into place once I just "do it!" If you
    would be able to send me or give me access to your Literacy across the
    curriculum plan  and weekly plan that would probably be a good place for me
    to start.  I would also like to have a good look at the virtual writers
    toolbox if I could just to see how you set it up. I apologize for asking
    for all of these examples as I know how much work is involved but hopefully
    in the future I will be in a position to share something that works with you

    Thanks Louise

  • Louise Tredinnick (View all users posts) 17 Jul 2014 9:58pm ()

    Hi Heather, it's my pleasure to share my planning.  This is just three examples (hopefully they load! This is the first time I've done this)  I have just made a Science Virtual Toolbox as well and I'm just starting a Maths one.  It's more than just a table of links as the tools relate directly to the plans and is there to help support students just like the physical toolbox on the shelf at school except I mostly operate on a digital level now so thought a virtual one would be useful for the students :) I make maths mega plans as well which then feeds into my weekly plans so if you want any more just ask - It's great you're interested.  I had to remake the PM templates as they were pdf's and I push out Docs to students to use as an editable template so I just recreate them and push their own copy through Hapara or Doctopus.  This prep before the term starts really pays dividends.  

  • Louise Tredinnick (View all users posts) 17 Jul 2014 9:59pm ()

    I put the planning examples in Group Resources - hopefully it worked. Let me know if it did.  

  • Tim Gander (View all users posts) 28 Jul 2014 3:26pm ()

    Hi Louise, I teach in secondary and have been using the calendar to plan and organise my week for the past year or so - it is really great as you can share the lesson plans with the students and if they are away they can catch up with the work at a later date.  I wrote about it on this post http://nzteachnology.blogspot.co.nz/2013/06/improve-organisation-with-google.html

    It would be good to see this incorportated into 'google classroom' in the future!

  • Louise Tredinnick (View all users posts) 28 Jul 2014 8:12pm ()

    Thanks so much for sharing this posting Tim.  Do you know if you can hyperlink lessons to Google Docs instead of just adding attachments.  

  • Tim Gander (View all users posts) 28 Jul 2014 8:56pm ()

    I haven't used a hyperlink in the description field, I'm not sure if you can as I think it is a plain text editor?  Perhaps you could try HTML code - <a href="http://www.google.com/">link</a> I didn't see the option to add a URL as Roxy mentioned?

  • Roxy Hickman (View all users posts) 29 Jul 2014 7:19pm ()

    You're quite right Tim, I was looking at iCal rather than Google. However, they do talk to each other. Also the Google Calendar allows you to choose a Google Doc to attach.

  • Roxy Hickman (View all users posts) 28 Jul 2014 8:50pm ()

    Hi Louise, Yes when you add your note in your calendar it gives you the option of adding a URL or attachment. 

  • Louise Tredinnick (View all users posts) 29 Jul 2014 6:50pm ()

    Great I will try that thanks Roxy.  I like using the calendar as I embed this in our class google site, then the students can have full access and pre empt their lessons and from tomorrow onwards I have asmall  group of students who will move into planning their own time schedule as their lessons are fully detailed in the site and the fixed timetable activities are in the calendar.  This allows me more time to spend with the more dependent students and funly enough allows me more time to also flexi teach the more independent students.  This whole process is achievable because I have my planning all done, combined with Google fabulous tools and students who recognise the value of personalised learning.  The time spent planning in the holidays pays dividends. 

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