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Ultranet as an e-learning platform

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Started by Abbie 31 May 2014 9:27pm () Replies (10)

Our school is in its second year of using Ultranet as our e-learning platform. I am interested to connect with others who are using Ultranet and to find out how you are authentically embedding it within your classroom programmes. 


  • Cyndi Kruijer (View all users posts) 01 Jun 2014 1:19pm ()

    We are primary and have used it a number of years now and are are using it more this year for planning and for personalising the children's learning.  Happy to share and discuss.

  • Angela Hammond (View all users posts) 01 Jun 2014 1:24pm ()

    I was a foundation School when Ultranet was set up.  I helped to create their platform, so you are kind of reaping the benefits for 4 years of work we did :-)

    We used it as our school website, eJournals and then into a Parent Portal.  It was later decided that the last 2 were too time consuming for what we wanted to achieve.


    Personally I loved the last 2.  My students use to upload their own work, collaborate on projects and discuss things authentically durign class time.  Parents would make comments and suggestions on their learning too.

    Happy to discuss further if you wish.

  • Tracey Burgess (View all users posts) 01 Jun 2014 4:38pm ()

    Some teachers are using it for task setting and recording of school work. Happy to find out more about using it as an assessment tool just as GAFE is being used. From my research I am getting the feeling that Ultranet is more secure for primary school children. 

  • Kate Friedwald (View all users posts) 01 Jun 2014 5:31pm ()

    We have been using Ultranet for 1.5-2yrs now.  All our children have logins but these are only really utilised by the older children due to requiring them to access online learning content from their teachers.  Last year i trialled using uSpace which my class really loved.  It was great to be able to post their work and for them to revisit and comment on others.  We havn't really had a decent buy in from parents using parent portal, there are a few as always but the desired communication from parents wasn't really being acheived.  This year i have started using GAFE and have found my desire to upload work to uspace has decreased greatly as the children have the same work in GAFE or directly on their iPads (1to1 class).  Uploading can as others have stated take a bit of time sometimes and I found that children would not revisit as much as they do with GAFE (probably being as they do their actual work here).  I do however use classSpace every day, all the work for my class is posted their along with learning activities (i have made all pages publis due to auto sign off creating time dealys for chn)  I will look at how this could be done using Google Sites just to check i am using the best platform.  As far as the rest of our school is concered Ultranet has allowed us to greatly improve our public website to showcase our school, classes are all utilising classSpaces to some extent (mainly galleries, embedding blogs etc) and we use the notices, calender and bookings features well.

  • sara (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2014 9:07am ()

    I use it to teach my online course . I upload resources, their weekly tasks, they message me and upload work and it is great for me to message them through it and give feedback and feed forward. I teach a language(Japanese)so it is great for uploading sound files, short video clips  and links to websites eg quizlet and language perfect etc.

  • Ross Hampton (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2014 12:23pm ()

    We currently use it more as a website although I use it for a maths class I teach. We are currently reevaluating whether we could be using something like Google Sites of Edmodo or similar. 

  • Anna Bullock (View all users posts) 30 Jun 2014 8:41pm ()

    We also have explored using this over the last few years. We have now moved to Google docs and use this primarily as our school website. I use a combination of googledocs and edmodo within the classroom and it works really well.

  • Steve Trotter (View all users posts) 23 Jun 2014 9:42pm ()

    Hi Abbie,

    Not sure if you are aware, but Ultranet and KnowledgeNet (another LMS) recently joined forces - http://www.dimension3.co.nz/. I went to a meeting about the merger today, they have big plans to have a new product ready for teachers to use in 6 - 12 months (don't quote me on that!). If you are new on your LMS journey, you may want to discuss with Dimension3 if content created this year will still be usuable with the new product (out of interest, KnowledgeNET content will likely not be compatable, but not sure on UltraNET).

    Good luck!

  • Tim Nelson (View all users posts) 24 Jun 2014 7:40pm ()

    Thanks Steve.

    By way of introduction I’m the CEO of Dimension3 Learning Technology that now has both Ultranet and KnowledgeNET under its wing. As Steve outlined CIRCLE (owners of KN) and Edtech (owners of UN) have combined their software development operations under one banner with a mandate to rapidly evolve the formative NZ-built learning platforms. We’re currently in the process of scoping the shape of, and priority for the next steps. The aim is a ‘best of both worlds’ that reflects many years of working with schools as they’ve emerged from behind dial-up to embrace an online world. This means establishing a path that can quickly introduce new functionality while protecting the very real investment already made by schools in creating content, embedding practice and implementing organisational change.

    As well as an opportunity to introduce ourselves the current KnowledgeNET user group meetings are one way we’re looking to test our ideas against real world experiences. More forums to engage in the conversation will emerge shortly. If anyone has any queries about the merger or the roadmap, or wants to contribute their thoughts then please feel free to get in touch. I’m happy to hear from anyone with an opinion!

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