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Started by Lynne Crowe 26 May 2014 8:00pm () Replies (39)

We are just starting with some Chromebooks and wondered which one is the most popular/reliable in schools. We would appreciate any advice. Thanks.


  • Steve Trotter (View all users posts) 26 May 2014 9:59pm ()

    We have Samsung model, been amazing, teachers love them (more than their ipads).

    Only downsides I have with the Samsungs are the tracking pad, we find them horrible to use, some classes have mice for them - which limits some of the portability. Not sure if other models have better tracking pads? Also, the power cords on Samsungs appear very fragile, but so far none of them are bent.

  • Steve Trotter (View all users posts) 26 May 2014 10:03pm ()

    Hey Andrew - sounds like your a great shopper! Where did you source your covers from?


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