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Started by Lynne Crowe 26 May 2014 8:00pm () Replies (39)

We are just starting with some Chromebooks and wondered which one is the most popular/reliable in schools. We would appreciate any advice. Thanks.


  • Andrew de Wit (View all users posts) 01 Jun 2014 7:56pm ()

    Go for the mix Steph! This year (in my second year of BYOD) I have a nice eclectic mix of IPad's, Acer Tablets, Sumsung Tablets, a Laptop. We complement that with school chromebooks, desktops etc. so a bit of everything. 

    I continue to love it when the kids choose the best tool to do the job with. Lately we have added Powtoon as one of our tools for presentation. Great app, kids love it, doesn't work on Tablets/ IPads. We just get on with it. When we did a Science unit in the first term, mobile devices came to the fore, recording experiments, annotating etc.

    My point continues to be - in the real world we use the right tool for the job. Why be limited by one.

    My only negative experience with our Chromebooks was the student who was so used to the touch interface that she broke a chromebook screen trying to get move something on screen! Sadly expensive mistake.


  • Andrew de Wit (View all users posts) 02 Jun 2014 9:26pm ()

    If I'm the right Andrew! - we deal through Cyclone as we have had always had really good relationship with them. They have patience as we hum and arr, and change our minds as well as offering good support. Got both Chromebooks(Samsungs and IPads this way) at good price. Only big deal with the IPads now is the volume licensing and setup costs that need to be factored in. Chromebooks are pretty easy although their is a cost for their management system.

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