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Started by Lynne Crowe 26 May 2014 8:00pm () Replies (39)

We are just starting with some Chromebooks and wondered which one is the most popular/reliable in schools. We would appreciate any advice. Thanks.


  • Lavinia Robyns (View all users posts) 30 Nov 2015 12:12pm ()

    Has anyone used the ASUS Premium education Chromebook C201PA 11.6" ?  Apparently the battery life is 13 hours. We need something fairly robust. We've had issues with the HP Model 11-2002TU chargers and don't really want to get these again. The white HPs Model 11-2101TU have been much better. The other option is the Acer C730. Can anyone recommend the Acer or Asus?

  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 30 Nov 2015 12:21pm ()

    This year, and next our school is going for the:

    Lenovo 11e Yoga Chromebook.  

    -Very versatile, the most robust unit I have seen in a chromebook.  Great battery life, and in a real environment students have 20-30% left. These are our senior students that use them every second of the day.  

    I have used the following, and in order of age (oldest first): Samsung xe303, Samsung xe500, Acer C730, HP11, HP14, Acer C720p [touch],  and now the Lenovo11e.    We recent;y changed, due to a long conversation with Acer and them telling us 'sorry about your warranty problems, but as we are no longer manufacturing this unit, the hardware replacement will take a lot longer.   So...  we kicked that in the butt, and went with another Brand, and model that we have, has been promised a longer life, and 2016 fully supported... so this is almost as long as ChromeOS will last...  

    Further to that... everyone is aware that by 2017, chromeOS will no longer be a thing?  So google tells us.. 

  • Lavinia Robyns (View all users posts) 30 Nov 2015 12:24pm ()

    Thanks - I hadn't looked at this one. Did you trial it and which reseller did you use?

  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 30 Nov 2015 12:27pm ()

    yep... and just between you me and the internet....  dropped it on each side, and corner to see what would happen....  Took it well.  When you open the box, and unpack it, you'll see what I mean... 


    We use Noel Leeming.  I can give you the education national managers email, or Waikato.. which ever you are from.  You can also buy a 3 year commercial warranty for 50$ and 1 year accidental insurance for 25$ (for up to three years)  A new screen would cost $280 so its a pretty good deal!

  • Lavinia Robyns (View all users posts) 01 Dec 2015 11:47am ()

    Thanks. I think we should go with something like this. I will check with NLG contact in Auckland. We had 2 HP Chromebooks dropped and the casing is cracked so something more robust would be good!

  • Vincent Ardern (Banned)
    Vincent Ardern (View all users posts) 30 Nov 2015 1:59pm ()

    Further to that... everyone is aware that by 2017, chromeOS will no longer be a thing?  So google tells us..

    Hamish, you're going to have to provide a reliable source for this.

    The well known EOL page for ChromeOS devices (https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/6220366?hl=en) still lists 5 years as the minimum software support length for ChromeOS devices (from the launch of the hardware it is running on). Without a reliable source, your claim is incorrect.

  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 30 Nov 2015 2:18pm ()



    by 2017 google will no longer offer ChromeOS as it currently stands.   The articles that were circulating last year were scaring a lot of people... teachers mostly.  

    source: WallStreet Journal http://www.laptopmag.com/articles/google-should-kill-chrome-os

    I don't believe this, and at Google I/O they said ChromeOS will be a thing beyond 2020, but it will receive a major update that will benefit the eco system..... So what I think will more than likely happen, is that Chromebooks will run on a slightly changed version of ChromeOS...  It will incorporate more Android aspects, enabling chromeOS to now run android apps.  

    Both ChromeOS and Android run on Linux.  Students and myself have tinkered with Chromebooks and put android on one.  Mostly worked...  mostly..   display drivers and sound were the major problem.  

    Also... I think you might want to take a breath.. I'm not the one killing anything.  And just because I let you google these things yourself doesn't make a claim incorrect.   I could say the earth revolves around the sun, and not state a source.  That doesn't make my claim incorrect.  


  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 02 Dec 2014 6:47pm ()

    For a school that is about to buy their first Chromebooks is there an update on which Chromebook they think is the best.

    I only know what I know and my Samsung is fine for me but I hear that there has been some issues with the trackpad. The schools that I work with all have the Samsung so I can't really share any more than point them to this forum?????

  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 02 Dec 2014 7:22pm ()

    We have the the XE303c Samsung silver Chromebook, as well as the EX505 (US version)  Essentially they are the same device.  Silver one has less casing and hinge problems.  Although the silver one has more screen repairs.  

    For 2015 we have purchased the Acer C720's that Rob Gunn spoke of.  I did quite a bit of testing with Samsung's new Gen 4 model, HP's 14" model, and the Acer C720.   They all have the same intel provessor, 4Gb or RAM and 16GB SSD.

    The Acer was a better construction, smaller and more portable.  As well as having touch screen to zoom into work.  So thats why we have gone for...  Purchasing between 30-40 units @ $387 each.

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 20 Jun 2014 12:18pm ()

    I took a moment to flesh out my thinking a little more on my blog.


  • Rob Gunn (View all users posts) 09 Jun 2014 9:14pm ()

    Hi All. We are using Acer C720's. They dont look the flashest but they definately do a well rounded job. Good cameras, mics and speaker volume if you need it. We also use mice though and headphones when needed. Battery life is a whole school day and more. We have spare screens with HDMI to VGA converter and headphone splitters for when children are doing movie editing in pairs. I also use an Acer and can do everything that I need to do on it from streaming and photo / movie editing to word processing and simple web browsing. 

    Really simple to manage through google admin and chrome management (extra cost). Only issue we had was dropping off wifi (solved with static ip).

    Totally agree with others regarding right tool for right job. We use a mix of chromebook (main tool), imacs, iPads and iPods through out the school)

  • Iva Hamilton (View all users posts) 02 Jun 2014 8:23pm ()

    Thanks Lynne for initiating this discussion. We are in the position in a few weeks time to purchase 132 chrome books and wondering which model to buy... Have ought 2 samsungs which teachers who have trialled them love... Just wondering what thE HP will be like..currently a sale on them at present. Does anyone have a mixture of brand or is it advisable to stick to one?

  • Lynne Crowe (View all users posts) 02 Jun 2014 8:58pm ()

    We have 2 HPs (14 inch) which I love. We have yet to trial the Samsung but have 2 ordered. We also have an Acer - although I prefer the bigger screen of the HP I can see that the portability of a smaller screen is ideal for students. We won't be buying a bulk set of chromebooks but are looking to recommend them to parents for next year. My class (Y7 & 8) seem to prefer them to the 2 ipads that they have available. At present their first choice is still the desktop PCs! We are trialling byod in a few classes at present but haven't had a great uptake on this!

    Any lower decile schools (we are 5 but student ownership of portable device - apart from phones- is very low) have any comments to make on the impact of byod in their schools?

  • annerotorua (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2014 8:28pm ()

    We have 2 HP's, 15 Samsungs and have trialled Acer as well. For BYO Chromebook we are offering parents a range of options.

  • Lynne Crowe (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2014 8:52pm ()

    Which brand is preference for students? Teacher use? 

  • annerotorua (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2014 9:42pm ()

    Think it is really a matter of personal preference. Really a matter of looking at price and how much extra you are prepared to pay for bigger screen. We ( students and teachers) all like the Samsungs but that is also what we have got used to. I did find I could read the Samsung and HP screens without my glasses but needed to wear glasses with Acer model. 

  • Steph Campbell (View all users posts) 01 Jun 2014 8:09pm ()

    Oh my goodness, the brilliance of sharing ideas.  Thanks SO much all.  I agree with all and love the depth that you have given to my argument for purchase.  Awesome. 

  • Steph Campbell (View all users posts) 01 Jun 2014 2:17pm ()

    In discussion with a techy, I found that I was being talked out of purchasing chrome books.  Set up for printing, management cost, what it can't do, less grunt than a normal laptop etc.    What's holding me strong is my playing with a chrome book that I won  ( thanks interface expo and TTS).  I love my chrome book but keep looking for things it won't do.  Am I right, if you try to make one tool a one stop shop then you will be disappointed?  Are schools using different tools for different purposes and considering this when planning activiites and purchasing? Is a supply of a range of tools better than lots of one kind?

  • Sam Hocking (View all users posts) 01 Jun 2014 2:44pm ()

    Hi Steph

    We have a combination of ipads and chromebooks.  This works well for us.  There are things that each will do that the other wont but I don't see this as a problem.  By this virtue if you only had one kind of device you would only be able to do what it can do.  In saying that both types of devices are pretty awesome.  I like the combination of both and have worked on using apps that work on both where possible.  

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 01 Jun 2014 3:10pm ()

    I aspire to using the right tool for the job.

    Think of your cooking knives. 

    Trying to cut a loaf of bread with vegetable knife is only going to end badly and equally so carving a roast with a bread knife is not going to give a great result.

    I would prefer a mixture so I can learn what is the right tool according to our needs.

    Also I would heed more the advice of other teachers about their experiences with devices rather than being swayed by the preferences of well meaning tech people who might be good with technology but have little idea of the complexity and challenges of classroom teaching.

  • Helen Prescott (View all users posts) 01 Jun 2014 4:40pm ()

    Hi Steph

    Agree with Allanah's comments on this one. Another thing to bear in mind is Chromebooks can actually take away work from the techy people because it's so easy for schools to control the management and they don't require the same sort of maintenance like a normal laptop, like software updates etc. 

    Always remember to go back to the why?  Why do I want a Chromebook and how does it support the learning?

    i decided not to set up printing for Cromebooks simply because I want to encourage that mind shift of publishing to an online space.

    Hope these extra thoughts help.



  • Andrew de Wit (View all users posts) 01 Jun 2014 7:56pm ()

    Go for the mix Steph! This year (in my second year of BYOD) I have a nice eclectic mix of IPad's, Acer Tablets, Sumsung Tablets, a Laptop. We complement that with school chromebooks, desktops etc. so a bit of everything. 

    I continue to love it when the kids choose the best tool to do the job with. Lately we have added Powtoon as one of our tools for presentation. Great app, kids love it, doesn't work on Tablets/ IPads. We just get on with it. When we did a Science unit in the first term, mobile devices came to the fore, recording experiments, annotating etc.

    My point continues to be - in the real world we use the right tool for the job. Why be limited by one.

    My only negative experience with our Chromebooks was the student who was so used to the touch interface that she broke a chromebook screen trying to get move something on screen! Sadly expensive mistake.


  • Angela Lee (View all users posts) 30 May 2014 9:10pm ()

    we've got acers have just started using them and kids haven't had any issues.  

    I've got my own hp 14" and love it, light, lasts all day, fairly good screen and track pad, pretty good sound too. 

  • Heather Harper (View all users posts) 27 May 2014 8:57am ()

    I got a couple of year 8 students to use a  Chromebook and an ipad and then give me a review of both. They were thorough and it was interesting what they said. They preferred the Chromebook for writing and using the keyboard, however disappointed that it didn't have a back camera. Interesting they said that ease of use in Google apps really good on the Chromebook.

  • Lynne Crowe (View all users posts) 27 May 2014 7:59am ()

    Thanks for all the replies. We are a GAFE school and just starting with BYODs. We have one Acer which does seem a bit tinny!! Have just purchased 2 HPs 14" which look good - nobody has mentioned using these! I'm keen to try a Samsung as that seems to be the Chromebook of choice from the replies.

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