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Using Dictanote and Speak Selection to assist in the Writing Process

I have been playing around with Dictanote(FREE) a chrome app that is a speech to text tool and the speak selction on an iPad, text to speech tool. These could be a valuable tools to assist writers who struggle to get words onto paper. I use Dictanote to write my emails now.

Does anyone else use or know of any other speech to text tools?

Reflection of Dictanote

  • Works best on an individuals own device, shared devices struggle to recognise different voices.

  • need to set spoken i to capitalise to a written capital I in the settings

  • Takes awhile to learn the tool (device also takes awhile to learn your voice)

  • Speak naturally and pause to allow dictanote to catch up

  • realise there will be mistakes that need to be fixed later (try not to fix as you go)

  • Really need a good brainstorm with good sequence to help prompt speaker what to say next

  • Stop mic recording to enable think time

  • Text will need cut and pasted into a word doc or equivalent to edit

  • Does not work on iPad even through the chrome browser app

Reflection of Speak Selection

  • Easy to use

  • Makes mistakes very obvious

  • Student can hear and fix the mistakes as they go

  • The less punctuation the faster the iPad reads, inserting punctuation correctly, slows down the speaker.

I have reflected, on my blog, using a series of digital tools in the writing process with a Year 9 student. 


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