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eTeach HUB Group meeting two reflection

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Started by KSanders 08 Aug 2011 3:17pm () Replies (6)

Thank you to all of you that attended the session today, please take a couple of minutes to reflect on our first two sessions considering the discussions we have had, the resources, readings and ideas shared and next steps or considerations for you.

Even if you have not attended both sessions but have accessed the readings, please take the time to post a comment reflecting to assist you with your thinking and to assist us to continue to meet your needs



  • laetitia (View all users posts) 08 Aug 2011 3:35pm ()

    While the readings were great for creating indepth discussion, the responses to the readings were the most interesting with great critical perspectives. The ongoing debate about the level of technology that should be in the classroom and different philosophies about technology will constantly challenge our thinking and beliefs.

    Are we modelling what a lifelong learner should be or that we stop learning when you have a job? Using technology in the classroom, where we bring in a new dimension, global collaborative learning, enhanced teaching tools, we still need to consider our teaching pedagogy to promote and allow opportunities for critical thinkiing and responses to thinking - allowing for discussion time, taking the learning to a higher level.

    The most important thing, I believe, that I got from both of these readings is for technology in the classroom, to be purposeful and meaningful. It must reflect a high standard of teaching that still caters for all learning styles.

    After all - its not the technology but how it is used! 

    Thanks to Karla and Dave for the opportunity to have the time to discuss and reflect on our own pedagogy and beliefs and how we can support others through this change into becoming effective 21st teachers.

  • Florence Micoud (View all users posts) 08 Aug 2011 3:37pm ()

    Mt Aspiring news

    Principal Wayne Bosley called a meeting about e-learning and social media in the college. All staff invited. Participated teachers who have designed blogs, college website designer,  4 Heads of the college. Each website/blog was shown and we were invited to talk about our experience. We were congratulated by the Principal who encourage creativity and innovation and acknowledges us as  pioneers.

    We decided to write a procedure for having a college blog/site.

    Our principal acknowledge all teachers cannot be pioneers so we need to do some shortcuts for them/tutorials/workshops.

    Fact that Kris and I go to e-teach gives us  a mandate to carry this out

    Decided to do a survey for the teachers, any template?

    Cheers Florence

  • KSanders (View all users posts) 08 Aug 2011 4:01pm ()

    Hi Florence,

    Great to hear this is happening at MAC.  Keep me posted on your progress.

    A Digital Literacy Surevy that we have created that you may be interested in can be accessed here: Digital Literacy Google Form

    If you select: File-Make a Copy you can 'own' a copy of the survey and edit to your hearts content to meet the needs of the survey you wish to create for MAC staff

    All the best


  • Brendon (View all users posts) 06 Sep 2011 11:21am ()

    Sorry it has taken me a while to reflect, I think the best thing to come from our eteach meetings is the chance to just discuss what is happening in our schools without a set agenda for the afternoon. I find that the problems that we encounter at school are by no means unique and other schools face the same problems or have faced them previously and can offer solutions or next steps for us. It is always good to be exposed to new software or products out there which is positive as well. I may only find one or two of them suit what I'm doing, but that still means I've come away with something useful to try.

    Looking forward to meeting again on Monday!!


  • Cyndi Kruijer (View all users posts) 12 Sep 2011 7:22pm ()

    The interesting thing is that I find it easier to comment in a Uni forum than I have through the cluster forums and sharing on the blog.  On 'reflection' this may be because there is a shared purpose within a Uni paper/forum and this is a wider context.  So what?  Ok, Brendon and I had a productive and reflective drive back to QTN.  Poor guy, I have targeted Brendon as my critical friend for a paper I am completing.  BUT..  the reason I choose to have the reflective discussion on the way back was so we could relate the new insights we gathered from the meeting and include in our thoughts towards where to with our school.  We must conclude that we are on an exciting track.   To agree with Brendon's comments above, what I gain from meeting f2f 2day (lol!)  is the exposure to new software out there.  Hmmm.... although could this meeting be conducted online rather than f2f?  Just a though guys...  please dont get upset with me!!  I am a little worried now after Karla's comments that my comments online may have been taken out of context...  that I thought I was being reflective and looking for discussion and clarification but may have been misunderstood.  I sincerely appologise if this is the case Embarassed

    Some of our teachers have had blogs for a while now but Blogger.com is public.  This year our big learning curve has been the learning around how to use a LMS within our teaching and learning.  One thing as Brendon discussed today,  is that it has given children a platform to learn about how to 'be' online.  To understand there is an audience and a time and a place to use the different types of language.  The LMS has given them a safe and secure area to learn about the ethics of the www. Also how to interact and reflect about their learning.  It has given students a purpose when they share their work.

    At the recient ITL conference I really enjoyed James Nottingham 'Challenging Learning'.  Challenge children to wobble because they need to be able to learn, unlearn and relearn effectively and confidently if they are going to effectively participate in their futures.  This I think relates to the reading Dave gave us. 

    Thank you Dave and Karla for the meeting today.

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